7 Games like GTA to Play Before GTA6 Release

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7 Games like GTA to Play Before GTA6 Release  

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Key Facts

  • A list of some of the best 6 titles similar to GTA games.
  • The list includes games that share some or multiple similarities.
  • The title suggested all from different developers, keeping one other title from Rockstar themselves.

With GTA V turning 10 years old this month , many fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the next entry by Rockstar Games. While GTA V has set the bar quite high in terms of content, story and playability that kept the title popular for years, thus finding something similar is not easy. Still, these 6 games share some aspects with the beloved GTA franchise, and you may find them endearing, to ease the anticipation of GTA 6.

  Grand Theft Auto GTA 6    

Red Dead Redemption 2


Third entry of the Red Dead series by Rockstar. Considered often a western GTA set in 1988, RDR2 offers a much more serious tone but plenty of activities and amazing characters to meet.


Cyberpunk 2077


Set in the futuristic Night City, this open world experience by CD Project Red will amaze players with visuals, compelling story and a refined combat with the new DLC and 2.0 update.


Saints Row


The 2022 reboot, the series has always been seen as the wacky GTA alternative. See the Saints, a small group of friends, rising to power and carving their own place in the lawless city Santo Ileso.


Watch Dogs Legion


Third entry of the series by Ubisoft, set in a not so distant future London. Anyone can be recruited by DedSec, either solo or in co-op, and free the city from the Albion corporation’s surveillance.


Mafia III


Set in the late 1960s New Orleans, we’ll play as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam War veteran seeking revenge. Rise from the ashes and rebuild your family in this rich story open world crime game.


Just Cause 4


The return of Avalanche Studios’ rogue agent Rico Rodriguez. As a wingsuited one man army, Rico will free Solis from its oppression in this explosive packed open world action adventure.


Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition


Square Enix takes on the open world crime. Set in Hong Kong, you’ll play as the undercover cop Wei Shen. Rise through the ranks of the Triads, by showing off your martial arts skills!


In terms of content these 6 games offer a very similar experience  to the GTA series. Either by offering a multiplayer mode, often with a fun co-op to play with friends and additional content to further the experience. While the single player experience offers different aspects, some lean more toward the story, while offering a more dynamic approach to fights, while others are more on the spectacular side of the spectrum. Not to mention the different settings and locations, from a century prior to a more futuristic one.

    GTA 6 sunset    

The latest leaks indicate GTA 6 will only be coming to new-gen hardware. This suggests that the game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

In conclusion, while we eagerly await the release of GTA 6, these are some great titles to give a try while to ease your open world story driven experience needs!


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