How allkeyshop works

how allkeyshop works  

Allkeyshop Is the Name of Our Comparison Site

(US:CheapDigitalDownload, FR:Goclecd, IT:Cdkeyit, DE:KeyforSteam, ES:Clavecd, NL:Cdkeynl, PT:Cdkeypt).

Our comparison engine aims to provide players with the best prices available for the best games on the market.


Where Do the Shops We Compare Get Their Game Keys From?

ALL keys are provided by the developers and ONLY the developers can create valid CD keys. Those keys are sold to different vendors to platforms such as Steam, Origin, Uplay or to wholesalers and online stores that you will find on our sites.

Why Are the Games Cheaper Here Than on Steam?

There are many reasons why a game would be cheaper on our sites than on Steam, but it can be narrowed to two main factors –  the competitiveness between multiple stores as they fight to sell the game ahead of their competition and the fact that they sell digital products.  The prices on these online stores can be cheaper because the sellers don’t have to pay for things like a physical store, post returns, and local advertising, they will also often take advantage of a game’s globalization region lock and buy the game for a country where it is cheaper.


In the end, the developers will always earn the same regardless of where the game is sold.


Is It Safe to Buy a CD Key?

ALL stores that appear on our comparison sites are regularly tested anonymously by our team. You can also review stores yourself and read reviews left by other users on the page of each store (store list). A store that receives too many negative reviews is instantly suspended from our sites and we open an immediate investigation and review of that store to decide if it can continue being promoted on our sites.

We take pride in the safety, reliability, and quality of service of all stores that we promote.

Some stores are not featured on our sites because we feel that they do not offer enough safety, sufficient support, or even have too large a delay between purchase and delivery. These are all unacceptable and the stores fail in these areas are simply not up to the very high standard that we request for our users. This being said, it is important to beware of sites that make “strange deals” or offer “fantastic prizes” – It is not that uncommon to find users complaining of being deceived after their purchase when stores promote such “offers”.

That is why we highly recommend that you use our price comparison tool.

We have worked extremely hard to ensure that you do not encounter any issues when making your purchase, and in the rare scenario that a problem does occur we ensure that it is resolved as quickly as possible. We are here for you and your interests and will support you over the store you made your purchase from.


Click Here For The Most Trusted Stores Rated by Our Users


Why Trust Us?

All stores that we feature are carefully checked by our hard-working team to ensure they are able to provide the highest level of customer service that our users expect. Rather than just take our word for it, we have also created a Store Review page so that our users can write their feedback for others to see before purchasing from that store.


CD Key Store Reviews, Coupons and Information

We think it is incredibly important to review all the stores we feature to improve the quality and customer service of each store. – Everyone is welcome and encouraged to write a complete review of their experience with a store. – All stores are regularly tested by our team anonymously, but with the aid of the user reviews, we can learn a lot more about a store and its performance.

We created these store review pages so that everyone can openly discuss and rate a store and their experience with it. This way, as a community, we can find and maintain the highest quality in service when purchasing our favorite games. We also use the reviews left by our users to help us decide whether a store should continue to be featured by us.

We also regularly test stores that are not in our price comparison engine to collect information and reviews on all the stores in the world to give our users more information on a store before purchasing from it. We do this in the hope that users can be alerted if a store we haven’t yet authorized in our system can be trusted or not.


We have placed stores into two categories when reviewing them:


These stores have met the criteria that we demand and we are satisfied that their level of service is to the highest standard that our users deserve. After meeting our criteria these stores receive a position on our recommended sellers and an (Allkeyshop Certified) sticker to show that the seller has a high reputation with us and our community.

These stores have not met the criteria we demand and are not on our trusted stores page. We regularly continue to test stores to check on their progress and to see if they meet the criteria needed to be moved to our trusted stores page.

The criteria that need to be met include delivery, availability, customer support’s quality of answers, customer support’s delay in answering, company information, number of employees and finally a store must be an experienced seller with several orders already met. A new store will not be trusted in the beginning and instead will be regularly tested until we are satisfied. We created these criteria to protect you, the gamer. We encourage every user that bought from any one of the stores on our sites to review the purchase and rate the store – this way we can all help each other to find the best deals on the best stores.

We are confident that all of the featured stores on Allkeyshop are trustworthy with a high level of customer service and can fulfill and deliver the product that the customer purchased, providing a fast and convenient process in purchasing game keys.

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XIIVX says on 15 September 2020 at 14:14:59

An honest and wonderful site.

It deserves every appreciation, it is better than other sites.

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