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New updates from Nacon Milan regarding Terminator Survivors, a brand new game based on the famous cult series, plunging us into the Terminator universe. Indeed, the game announced at the Nacon Connect 2024 conference on February 29th has piqued players’ interest after receiving a taste of what a franchise-loving team can do with Terminator: Resistance by Teyon, or the more recent Robocop: Rogue City, also by Teyon. Nacon Milan reveals new information about the game world, reaffirming the planned release date for Terminator Survivors.

Terminator Survivors: New Game World Updates

In a post on the Steam forum, the Nacon Milan team presents a news update rich in content mainly dedicated to the lore of Terminators Survivors this time. The team explains why they chose the 2009 timeline, 4 years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. In 1997, Sarah Connor’s efforts led to a postponement of Skynet until 2005, which then armed nuclear warheads, nearly wiping out humanity.

artwork of Terminator Survivors game world

Therefore, we will play 4 years after these events, embodying one of the various survivors in what the team promises to be a first-person Survival game, offering PvE gameplay and online co-op for up to players. A very interesting note concerns the presence of a single roaming T-800 that will act as the game’s main enemy. The team explains that the unit sent back in 1984 from the first film is not Skynet’s only pawn, and that over the years, the AI has enacted various plans in both the current and past futures. Regarding the graphics engine, Nacon Milan confirms the renowned Unreal Engine 5 of the latest generation, in what appears to be an open-world environment with expandable bases and vehicles to swiftly traverse the game area.

Terminator Survivors confirms the release date and Closed Beta

Nacon Milan confirms that Terminator Survivors will soon offer a Private Playtest period as the game’s release date approaches. The expected release date is confirmed to be October 24, 2024, as an Early Access game on Steam. With the conclusion of the Early Access period, Nacon Milan intends to release Terminator Survivors on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with the Playtest scheduled for late Summer 2024.

In short, the game world encapsulated by Nacon Milan’s vision seems to indeed offer a game rooted in the first two beloved chapters of the Saga, and provide further lore regarding humanity’s future dominated by Skynet. Generally confirming the consensus that over the years tends to deny the existence of the film Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, instead offering an alternative version of the story where Skynet continues to exist and humanity continues to resist.


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