GTA 6 SHOCK: Here is WHY the Release Date DELAYED Until 2026

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GTA 6 SHOCK: Here is WHY the Release Date DELAYED Until 2026

From a recent rumor by Kotaku from some insiders, it seems to clarify that the expected release date of the brand-new chapter of the Grand Theft Auto series, with GTA VI, could potentially be affected by a delay. Moving the scheduled release date to 2026, even from 2025. While GTA V continues to perform well and will likely reach 200 million copies sold shortly.

Reasons why GTA 6 would have been postponed to 2026

According to Kotaku, there are many facts that seem to point to a potential delay, which together with some internal news could indeed indicate a new release date. In short, making the expected date for “Spring 2025” a potential date rather than a certain one.

As we had already mentioned in our < GTA VI Development: Rockstar Calls Employees Back to Office for Final Stages > Rockstar with an email to all staff sent at the end of February precisely starting from April 2024, in a few days, called the team back to the office. This major change was aimed at better controlling the workflow to focus better on the final stages of the awaited chapter of the GTA saga.

Regarding this situation, some employees speak with Aftermath, in which the expected date for the return is 15 April 2024. But precisely in this interview, they talk about how many employees not only fear losing the convenience and tranquility of being able to work from home but also the crunch towards the final stages of GTA VI. An unfortunately well-known fact about Rockstar Games, where employees are often admonished if they try to discuss such a practice, despite family responsibilities and also health.

GTA 6: The Impact of the Postponement and Rockstar Games’ Plan

These factors, along with employees’ insights, would indicate that the GTA VI project still requires a lot of work before it can be released. Given the importance of the franchise and a more than perfect first impression, Grand Theft Auto 6 could slip from a more than probable Autumn 2025 to an early 2026. Obviously, this news has saddened many fans of the series, eagerly awaiting the new chapter of the beloved series. Furthermore, the news that the team will undergo crunch, a practice commonly criticized but increasingly pushed by giants of the video game industry, does not help the situation.

It remains to be said that Rockstar Games won’t remain idle before the fateful launch of GTA VI; in fact, we are already aware that Remedy Entertainment is working on the remakes of Max Payne 1 & 2, which seems to have a budget similar to the recent Alan Wake 2 from recent rumors. It is expected, in short, that Rockstar still has some aces up its sleeve to entertain the period before the launch of GTA VI.

Remedy working on Max Payne 1&2 remake


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