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We Connect You With Millions of Gamers.

Increase your sales! Improve your online store traffic, gain potential millions of new customers and generate more orders.

Our Sales & Commercial Team is waiting for you and would love to discuss in more detail how to promote your store on

Register your site and become a trusted store. Contact us on the following email:, and we will quickly respond to your request.

Allkeyshop is one of the largest price and product comparison sites in the world for gaming products. Whether it is game keys, CD Keys and Prepaid Game Cards, we have everything. Our mission is to provide all gamers with the best prices available, from the trusted stores that we have carefully selected over the years. We display the prices of all stores that were able to pass this painstaking selection process.

After contacting us, it is not unusual for us to ask you a few questions so that we can better analyze your request. Once we have reviewed and approved your store, we will discuss with you the best way to add your store on and begin to index your products and prices.

Trusted stores pay a very small fixed price per click going from the Allkeyshop Network Websites to the store. Each click is carefully reviewed by us to make sure that it’s unique per day and per product.

We Will Need a Live Product Feed File From Your Store.

This helps us index the products and prices of your store. The file is kept on your servers and contains information on products, prices, and stock status. We consult the price feed as much as possible so that our users always have the most up-to-date prices. If you are unsure if you have a product feed, most e-commerce CMS do have this option somewhere, either by default or by adding a plugin. Most likely your store does already have it is very simple to export. Don’t worry though, our Sales team will guide you through all these small technical details.

If you don’t have a live product feed, again don’t worry, we can still scan your store manually using our own internal system.

Live Product Feed File Requirements

  • Updated as often as possible, real-time is preferred.
  • URL.
  • Prices.
  • Xml(preferred)/CSV/Txt file.
  • Product ID or Merchant Reference (mandatory): It must be unique for each product. Never change it or re-use it for other products. Product designation must include all related details about the game key, for example, activation details, language and game key region (mandatory): As with our business, we need to know the exact edition and region of the product. You should also include if the product has specific languages only.
  • Product Stock status.
  • EAN-13 / GTIN-13 (highly recommended): The product’s unique 13-digit barcode – this allows us to index the store’s prices faster and with higher accuracy.
  • Product format – digital or physical.
  • Delivery (highly recommended): The cost of shipping the product. You should also indicate the total price of the included charges. In the field title, specify whether it is the shipping or the total price and if they agree on ht or TTC.

We will also ask you for information about your various payment fees, security shield, and VAT prices.

Our Method of Indexing

We index all products that fall into our gaming catalog.

If your products or prices are not on Allkeyshop, or if we have posted incorrect information, you will have access to our live 24/7 chat where you can provide us with the correct information so that we can immediately update any inaccuracies.

We provide you with accurate monthly stats.

It is possible to be added to the following price comparison pages:

Our team is waiting for you and would love to discuss in more detail how to promote your store on

Contact us on the following email:, and we will quickly respond to your request.

*Please be aware that we have very strict requirements on quality, safety, and reputation.

Our selection process is done very carefully and we only work with stores that are safe to our users. To ensure this, we investigate and test every digital store anonymously to make sure our users will get the best experience available.

We have more than 70 trusted stores at the moment on that can 100% guarantee fast delivery and the highest level of support.