Top 10 PC Role-Playing Games of 2014

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Are you bored? Got nothing on your list left to play? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re counting down the Top 10 PC Role-Playing Games of 2014. Sure, these games might be a bit old, but that just means you can now get them at bargain prices. So, if you missed any of these gems, it’s time to pick them up now and get your game on. After all, there’s no better feeling for a gamer than beating a good RPG.

Note: These games were ranked based on their Gamer Compass score — aggregate ratings from critics and gamers from the best review sites on the planet.

Top 10 PC Role-Playing Games of 2014

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age: Inquisition Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: 18 November 2014

Combining the best elements of the first two games, Inquisition introduces you to an expansive world filled with lots of things to do and meaningful choices. The hybrid cRPG-ARPG combat style garnered mixed reactions from fans of the series, but more were disappointed with the poor control scheme that was obviously made with console players in mind.

Dragon Age Inquisition
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Developer: Blizzard Entertainment Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Release Date: 25 March 2014

When this expansion was released, everybody was saying, “Now is the time to play Diablo III!” With a loot system that made a lot more sense, end-game content to keep players going, and the abolishment of the cash auction house, it finally felt like Blizzard was starting to get some sense knocked back into them.

Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls
  Dark Souls II Dark Souls II Developer: FromSoftware Publisher: Bandai Namco Games Release Date: 24 April 2014

Gamers who were craving for a taste of death from a frustratingly difficult title were in for another treat. Although the graphics were still mediocre, critics were saying this was much better ported than the first game. The controls were still far from perfect though, and in a game that punishes you severely for a single mistake, you’d probably want your character to react exactly how you intended.

Dark Souls 2
  The Banner Saga The Banner Saga Developer: Stoic Publisher: Versus Evil Release Date: 14 January 2014

This game started as an online multiplayer game but has now been released as a single-player campaign. The Banner Saga is the first of a planned trilogy, and with how well this outing has fared, who would complain about two more? With an exceptional art style, a truly immersive story, and a well-designed combat system, the only thing players could truly complain about was the lack of voice acting.

The Banner Saga
  Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Developer: Monolith Productions Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Release Date: 30 September 2014

Combine the incredible movement of Assassin’s Creed with the amazing combat of the Arkham series, then add in a heaping serving of Tolkien lore, and what do you get? A thrilling action RPG that will have you hacking away at orcs for hours. Top it all off with a deep and rewarding nemesis system and you’ve got a game of the year contender.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
  Legend of Grimrock II Legend of Grimrock II Developer: Almost Human Ltd. Publisher: Almost Human Ltd. Release Date: 15 October 2014

Taking the old-school dungeon crawling adventure up a whole new level, this sequel featured improved battle mechanics and a much bigger world to explore. The grid-style movement still gets some getting used to and the difficulty might put off some, but this is a well-polished indie title that’ll give hardcore RPG fans an enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Legend of Grimrock 2
  Transistor Transistor Developer: Supergiant Games Publisher: Supergiant Games Release Date: 20 May 2014

Sporting an award-winning art style, an atmospheric soundtrack, and a surprising upgrade system and combat, Transistor was Supergiant’s first real independent outing – and boy was it great! From the surreal setting, the enigmatic characters, and the intriguing story, gamers found themselves truly and deeply immersed. The game is a bit on the short side, though, so it might leave you wanting for more.

  Child of Light Child of Light Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Release Date: 29 April 2014

Ubisoft’s experimental title has certainly paid off. With its colorful visuals, poetic dialogue, and fairy tale-like story, it truly is a work of art. Some would complain about the lack of depth and difficulty, but others would say the little additions like controlling your firefly companion, platforming elements, and puzzle-solving definitely more that make up for those.

Child of Light
  South Park: The Stick of Truth South Park: The Stick of Truth Developer: Obsidian Entertainment, South Park Digital Studios Publisher: Ubisoft Release Date: 4 March 2014

Disgusting, offensive and hilarious – I’m not sure if these are pluses or minuses for the game. I guess it depends on who’s playing. This game gives a nod to classic RPGs while at the same time mocks them for their silly elements. Although a little on the short side, fans of RPGs and the hit TV series (especially the latter) must play this game.

South Park the Stick Of Truth
  Divinity: Original Sin Divinity: Original Sin Developer: Larian Studios Publisher: Larian Studios Release Date: 30 June 2014

Partly funded on Kickstarter with almost a million dollars in pledges, this game features a vast open world with interactive environments that changed the way players did combat. Combine that with classless character creation, gripping turn-based battles, and a truly epic story, and you’ve got what marks the return of true cRPGs in mainstream gaming.

Divinity Original Sin

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