PC Game Releases for April 2018

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PC Game Releases for April 2018

April might not have the longest list of games coming out, but its still packed with big releases for PC. If you’re ll done with your gaming back log (which would be highly unlikely given how many big releases the first three months of this year put out), here are the best PC game releases for April 2018:

PC Game Releases for April 2018

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim VR | 3 April

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim VR


Apart from Resident Evil 7, most VR experiences amounted to mere mini-games rather than full-blown immersive titles. That’s why when Bethesda announced they’d be putting out VR versions of three of their major titles, everybody rejoiced. Now, Skyrim VR is headed to PC with support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. Sure, it won’t have mod support at launch, but that’s because Bethesda wants to make sure that the core experience is solid first. I for one am glad that they have their priorities set on the right things. Hopefully, mod support launches once everything’s working as it should.

Extinction | 10 April



New triple-A IPs are hard to come by these days. So when one actually does show up on the radar, most gamers are both excited and wary of how it will turn out. That’s why Iron Galaxy has to play their cards right. Extinction is very promising though, with the premise of battling 150 feet tall bloodthirsty ogres as the lone warrior capable of defeating the towering beasts. It also promises an interactive and fully destructible environment, skill-based combat, dynamic side missions, and a deep story campaign. Let’s just hope the battles don’t turn out to be QTE-heavy.

Masters of Anima | 11 April

Masters of Anima


It’s time to battle your way through hordes of evil creatures again in order to save your girlfriend… because, you know, real heroes always save their girlfriends. Masters of Anima puts you in control of an apprentice of Anima, a magical, chaotic force that allow Shapers to summon guardians to help and protect them on their journey. In game, you’ll have the ability to summon up to 100 guardians at the same time, using your army to solve puzzles and bring down the fearsome Golems.

Deadland in Vinland | 13 April

Dead In Vinland


Dead in Vinland takes the survival, management and RPG elements of Dead in Bermuda and expands the formula in every way. You’ll have to lead Eiril and his family survive after being exiled to an unknown faraway land. Manage your group’s physical and mental health, explore the island to scavenge for helpful items, and organize your camp to tip the odds in your favor. You’ll meet other people on your quest to survive, but not all of them will welcome you as friends.

Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia | 19 April

Total War Saga Thrones Of Britannia


Thrones of Britannia is the first in a series of planned spin-offs that Creative Assembly wants to use to bring the Total War formula to very specific historical events. The game will bring you to 878 AD Europe where four kingdoms have been left fragile by war and foreign invaders. Re-write a critical moment in history when four kingdoms are united into one nation under the rule of one king. Will history favor your quest?

Dead Climb | 19 April

Dead Climb


Picture this — You’re thrown from the sky and fall to your death at the foot of a mountain. Afterwards, you’re resurrected by a mysterious green goo that now allows you to climb up the mountain using your dead limbs. What happens next is one of the silliest experiments we’ve ever seen in ragdoll physics. As you climb up, your body twists and sways in the most awkward positions while your hands remain glued to the mountain side with the help of the green goo. If you think this description is weird, wait till you get a load of the trailer above.

Frostpunk | 24 April



11 bit Studios, makers of the highly-acclaimed This War of Mine, are back with a brand new survival game. From managing a single household in a city ravaged by war, you are now charged with the survival of an entire city on the brink of freezing over. You’ll have to make and enforce laws to keep your society in order. You’ll also need to constantly inspire your citizens so they don’t succumb to hopelessness. Explore beyond your walls to discover bits about the past and clues to secure the future of your people.

Shoppe Keep 2 | 26 April

Shoppe Keep 2


It’s time to switch roles as you take on the task of running an item shop similar to those run by NPCs in your favorite RPGs and MMOs. Set up shop help adventurers by selling potions, weapon, armor and a whole lot more. Explore the world to get rare resources. Use those resources to craft new products. Equip your own items to battle deadly creatures and other enemies. It’s a living world with an economy that adapts to the online community and a town that evolves as you do.

And those are the games to look out for on PC this April. As always, you’ll find the best deals for these games right here at AllKeyShop. Enjoy!


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