All you need to know about the Wheel of Fortune

FAQ Reward Program

Updated September 9, 2020


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To make your experience even better, you will find below the answers to the most common questions you ask us.

If you don’t find the help you need, please contact our support:


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is linking my Steam account necessary?


Your steam account is needed to prevent multi account cheaters. We are checking your steam ID and link it to your account which make you a unique player.

Less cheaters = more chance for legit players to win!


“Steam account already linked” but the wheel is not active why?


There are two messages for already linked steam account.

First one:

If you have this message, it means your Steam account is already linked to your account.  Thus you should be able to spin the wheel after completion of the daily task.


Second one:

If you have this message, it means your steam account is already linked to another account.

Try to reconnect with the account connected to your Steam account or contact our support for further enquiries.


Don’t seem to be able to get the weekly comment task completed


First thing be careful of where you are commenting.

Every week, on Monday, we are providing a list of pages where it’s mandatory to comment to get an access to the Wheel of Fortune.

You can find this list in the section “Highlighted Quests”

WoF Game List

Your comments are automatically accepted to allow you to spin the wheel.

If you are commenting directly on another page, your comment will not allow you to spin the wheel.

When the list is changed, every Monday, you will have to comment again to keep your access to the Wheel of Fortune

If it’s not working, please contact our support for further enquiries.


Weekly comments: Will it still count if my comment gets deleted?


Yes, even if your comment is deleted you can spin the Wheel. But if your comment is deleted it means it was really poor or not acceptable.

After 5 deleted comments, you will be banned for one month.

So we enjoin you to respect theses few points to be sure to avoid the ban:

  • Comment should be at least more than few words and intelligible sentences
  • We enjoin you to comment the selected games pages
  • We do not accept insults or other disrespectful comments

I don’t really know how forcing to write one useless comment per week will tackle cheating problem


We are expecting you to comment on our games pages to help the community to choose their games wisely.

If the comments are not genuine or are spammy, they will be deleted and their author are risking a temporary Ban from our reward program.

This way to proceed if definitely pushing away Bots and Cheaters


When you spin the wheel points does not decrease. Is this right? Or I have some sort of bug?


When you first spin the Wheel, it’s completely free, you just have to complete the daily tasks. So your points should remain the same.

If you have enough points, then you can run the wheel a second time. Here your point will decrease as it’s a “paid” Wheel.

If you have any specific issue with your points, please contact our support for further enquiries.


What can I do with the points I earn every day?

When you spin the wheel you can win Giftcards and Points.

The points you get are stored in your account. When you have enough points, you will have the opportunity to spin the wheel a second time  in counterpart of your points!


Where can I check my points history?

You do not remember if the “Citation Tool” gave you your daily points ?

It’s as easy as one click !

When you are connected, click on your points amount:

AKS points

And you will land to you points history.

AKS points history

At what time of the day does the ‘Weekly Comment’ quest reset?


The Weekly Comment Quest is reseted every Monday when the list of games is changed.


Will the prizes on the wheel change over time or are they fixed ?


The prices are not fixed and will change over the time depending on our partners availability.


Citation tool is not working, I already added the marker to my name it says “No marker found in your Steam profile name”


Our citation tool is not working with private account. Please be sure your account is set to “Public”.

If you are logged in to Steam, you can change your Privacy Settings by navigating to your Profile Privacy Settings Page.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Profile Privacy Settings page manually:

  1. From your Steam Profile, click the Edit Profile link under your displayed badge.
  2. Click the My Privacy Settings tab
  3. Select your privacy state
  4. Click the Save button

How to redeem my Gift Cards ?


Once you win a Gift Card with the Wheel of Fortune, if the next question you have is “What to do now?” you will find the answer below.

So we managed some tutorials to help you to redeem your gift card and buy your new game with our partners.

  1. Redeem Gamivo Gift Card:
  2. Redeem HRK Gift Card:
  3. Redeem Gamesplanet Gift Card:
  4. Redeem Kinguin Gift Card:
  5. Redeem Instant Gaming Gift Card: