Allkeyshop’s Exclusive Wheel of Fortune

By Veena1 on January 1, 2018 Allkeyshop, Reward Program with 6 Comments has always been very generous to all our users and subscribers. We offer more ways on how a user can get free stuff on our website with the use of our Rewards Program. Steamkeybox Allkeyshop Coin Lotteries But it does not stop there, we made another way on how users can maximize earning points.

 The Exclusive Wheel of Fortune

This exclusive wheel allows users to win Thousands of points Daily!

Here are the amount of points that you can win.
  • 1k Points
  • 2k Points
  • 5k Points
  • 10k Points
  • 15k Points
  • 30k Points
  • 50k Points
  • 100K Points
To access this All you need is to subscribe to our newsletter and be an “Allkeyshop Insider” as an Insider, you can get a chance to win thousands of points daily!
  • You can find the subscribe button on the right side of our Coin Lottery page
  • You can spin the wheel once per day.
  • You need to be subscribed to our newsletter as we will be sending you an exclusive link to access this page through the email newsletter daily.
Here is an example of the email that will be sent to Allkeyshop Insiders.
  • Remember that you can only receive and access this if you are subscribed
  • Just click “SPIN THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE NOW” and you will be directed to the Wheel

*If you need further assistance or have any other questions you can contact us through our live chat support (bottom right) or email us, we will be more than happy to help you.