New World – Which Edition to Choose

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Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New World, launches August 31, 2021, and ahead of its release we have detailed everything you will receive in each edition so that you know which one to buy.

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New World launches on PC and is available in a Standard, Deluxe, and Steelbook Edition.




Pre-Order Bonuses

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If you pre-order any of the game’s editions from Amazon or Steam, you will receive the following exclusive additional rewards:

  • Closed Beta Access – The Closed Beta begins July 20 and ends August 2.
  • Isabella’s Amulet – Isabella’s amulet is an equippable item that gives additional constitutional and damage stats.
  • Unique Title – An exclusive and equippable “Expedition One” title.
  • Guild Crest Set – Three unique guild crests that feature axes, muskets, and armor.
  • Emote – A fist bump emote that you can use to greet other explorers in Aeternum.


Standard Edition

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  • Base Game


Deluxe Edition


The New World Deluxe Edition contains the following bonus content:

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  • Woodsman Armor Skin
  • Woodsman Hatchet Skin
  • Mastiff House Pet – The Mastiff house pet can be used when you unlock housing at level 20.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors Emotes – You can play Rock, Paper, Scissors against other players using these emotes. Play the game for fun or as a tool to make decisions.
  • Digital Art Book – The digital art book is a collection of concept art from the making of New World.


Steelbook Edition


The Steelbook Edition is a limited edition and contains the following additional items:

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  • Limited Edition Steelbook
  • Collector’s Map – A map of New World designed by the game’s Art Director.

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