New World Season 1 – Fellowship and Fire Begins Now

7 April 2023 at 19:38 in Gaming News with no comments

New World’s Season 1, Fellowship and Fire, has begun as Amazon’s MMO changes to a seasonal model.

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  New World Season 1 - Fellowship and Fire Now Live  

Key Facts

  • Amazon’s MMO New World has now changed to a seasonal model.
  • New World Season 1 – Fellowship and Fire adds a battle pass to the game and brings a new expedition, new weapon skins, and weapon balances.
  • Amazon plans to release more frequent content for New World with each season.



Amazon has launched New World’s first season, Fellowship and Fire, across all regions with an aim to bring more frequent content such as features, storylines, and season passes.

  New World Fellowship and Fire Patch Notes  

New World’s new season model means a pass with free and premium reward tracks offering exclusive boosters, emotes, weapon skins, and legendary jewelry.

Both season passes go up to level 100, and you have three months to complete them and unlock everything you want before the season ends.

  New World Fellowship and Fire Review  

Along with the season passes comes the new Empyrean Forge expedition for players level 60+ and the new Fire Storm Heartrune ability that lets you create a tornado.

Weaver’s Fen and Brightwood have new main storyline experiences with a new narrative and more quest variety.

There are also three new seasonal events to get stuck into with Corrupted Rabbits, Springtide Bloom, and Fury of the Spriggan.

Other changes for Fellowship and Fire include reworked magic and ranged weapon balance for PvP and PvE and an equip load balance that should allow those who prefer off-meta builds to experience every game mode better.

If you haven’t played New World for a while or want to get into it for the first time, Season 1 – Fellowship and Fire is the perfect opportunity to jump into Aeternum.




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