Kingdom Come Deliverance: Beginner’s Guide

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You wish to travel the Kingdom of Bohemia in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Here are a few pieces of advice to ease your journey.
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Drink, for this is my very own brew

One of the first things to learn about Kingdom Come: Deliverance is that saving is automatic and regular. However, this does not mean you cannot go back in time: each saved game does not erase the previous one. In order to save manually, you have to drink a « Saviour’s Schnapps ». Be sure to carry several at any time. If you have depleted your stock, you can still buy some to an apothecary. It is also possible to craft some through alchemy. You will need several ingredients that you will mix at an alchemist’s lab. The detailed procedure can be referred to in our dedicated guide.  

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

And there’s nothing like drinking one’s schnapps riding one’s horse! Be careful though: keep in mind that any small obstacle can be impossible to get through for your mount, you should favour plains. You can keep the trot button triggered in order to go faster without consuming your horse’s stamina. Push the button twice to make your mount galloping – bear in mind that galloping will consume stamina. If you want to go faster without keeping your fingers glued to the keyboard or controller, you should think about fast travelling. Any town you have already visited offers one or more travelling points in the form of a badge displaying a cartwheel under a horse and its rider. Open the map, select the badge of the town you want to travel to and push the interaction button. Push once more to confirm. While traveling you’ll probably get notifications informing you there’s an event or someone on the road that requires your attention. Whether you halt your mount or not is your call but you will not ever succeed in fleeing or refusing the events. map

Sometimes the voice of wisdom must voice violence

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s dialog system is a bit particular since your statistics alone will not determine your persuasion potential. For example, even if you are greatly eloquent, sometimes an emotional answer will be your best shot at persuading because of this answer’s text. Always be mindful of what you say. Remember to always read the possible answers before picking one. Depending on the context, the character you are facing, etc. another answer than the one boosted by your best characteristic could prove way more efficient. It is up to you to judge what should work best in light of the message itself. quest answers And as a last resort, you can rely on your weapons. If you are so inclined to get your hands dirty, you can always throw an arrow at a character’s head if you cannot convince him or her to give you something for example.

Wandering knight looking for a reasonable target

Since we are dealing with having one’s fist in the other one’s face, we might as well give you a few tips about this too. First, measure your potential adversary’s strength: if he goes about in a shiny armour, you are in for a hard time – in any case much more than with any standard bandit. You know, sometimes, you are better off with a good old dialogue. You do not like the idea? Really not? Well in the event that you must face a quite resistant enemy, keep in mind that you should avoid mashing the attack button. You should rather delay your attacks: wait for the enemy to strike, counter it and then thrust your weapon. If your adversary is too slow to react, attack first but be sure to do it not more than two or three times, or else you are in for a counter-attack of his own. If we are to sum up: do not be to hasty. After all you wanted that fight. combat Also, do not even hope to draw your bow once the adversary reached you, even if you manage to get away a little – except if you can block an enemy, like behind a bush. For this reason, fire one or two arrows from far away before starting the combat. This will allow you to possibly kill one threat first, ideal if you are to fight several enemies.  

Develop your skills

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives you the possibility to level up your skills individually as you practice them. The more you lockpick, the more skilled you become at it. So, go ahead and lockpick all you can, even if you do not actually care for what is inside the chest or behind the door. The goal is to level up quickly so as to be ready for such moment when a chest will be of interest for real. That is also true when it comes to fighting. Grip your favourite weapon and use it in order to strike harder and to unlock combos. You will need to learn these to be able to use them in combat situation but they will allow you to win more easily and with noticeable class. Concerning the bow, you have the possibility to level up while hunting (which, in turn, will also help levelling up your “Hunt” skill). So as soon as you spot a rabbit (or whatever can be eaten) shoot it.  

Be social

Being a diehard RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance focuses on its writing and dialogues, so be sure not to neglect conversation opportunities. More often than not, when you see a first name instead of generic name (villager, etc.), it means that you have the possibility to talk to this this person and get specific dialogues. Thanks to this, you will be able to discover side quests to accomplish. To spot them easily, just use your map: the characters that have a side quest for you are represented by a star or a marker reminding an explosion (exclamation marks are task givers – shorter quests giving bonus or meagre rewards). talmberg map  

A healthy spirit in a healthy body

Your appearance is also a matter of importance when it comes to the person being spoken to. Be careful what you look like in order to increase your persuasion skills. Be sure to use public baths to clean dirt and blood off your clothes if you wish to talk to a noble man or woman; or just remain filthy if you plan on talking to a thug. Also remember that in Kingdom Come: Deliverance you must pay attention to your stamina through hunger, health and weariness. Keep food and drinks close at hand. If you are in town, bear in mind that you do not have to pay anything: several cooking-pots are available and you can eat in them for free. Moreover, you can sleep in an inn without even paying – most of the time; you can also get caught and be forced to show the money. Step into a bedroom, lie down and sleep. A quick tip to finish this guide: the wheel that is displayed when you wait or sleep spins quite slowly but this is even worse for the last hour. Therefore I recommend you systematically add an hour to the one you aim for and, when you reach the latter, just cancel the wait or sleep.  

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