Kingdom Come Deliverance: Combat Guide

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More than once during your journey in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will have to face enemies. This guide aims at teaching you the basics to make them bite the dust.

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First of all, calm down

As stated in the beginner’s guide, you should be able to gauge an adversary’s strength: a nice, shiny armour? You are going to need to show your talents to win. A highwayman in rags? Deux sword thrusts, end of the story. In this guide, we will start from the principle that you are fighting an enemy which level matches your own.

First, you need to understand the five branches star which appears at the centre of the screen when a combat starts. It attaches to your opponent to indicate your target is locked. Bear in mind that if you are facing several enemies, it is possible to change target by pressing TAB. The icon then displays a circle and you can press TAB again as many times as you need to choose your new target. Unfortunately, there is no way to do it more easily. You can also look away as much as is possible or press the sprint button to cancel targeting and then try to get closer to the desired target first.


melee combat

Once you are in the fight for real, try not to spam the attack button because you can be sure that your opponent will push you back and hurt you. Hit once then be careful: if time slows down, the enemy is about to strike, prepare your parry. If time remains normal, you can try a second hit, but rarely a third one.

If you happen to find yourself in dire straits, know that you can press G to ask for clemency. That is humiliating but at least not lethal.

The student besting the master would not do

In any case, avoid being predictable. Enemies learn from your moves. If you persist on thrusting, you will be countered.

To diversify your attacks, use the star above-mentioned. You can determine where your blade will come from on your opponent thanks to its branches – the central points represents thrusting: straight ahead, launched with right click. On a general basis, you want to avoid hitting where your enemy’s blade is. The best you can do is feinting: load an attack but do not release the button, then change the angle at the very last moment and release.

melee parry

When your opponent strikes, two possibilities: parry or dash. A small green shield appears at the centre of the star. This will mean it is the moment to press the parry button or any direction button in order to dash away and avoid being hit. Then you can strike, parry or dash again if need be and so on and so forth, until you manage to strike.

At the end of a fight, your opponent will usually be able to surrender and it will be your choice to let him go freely/without his weapons/in exchange for money. If you so decide, you can finish the fight and strike the coup de grâce.

coup de grace

Become a seasoned warrior

As and when you practice fighting, you will earn experience in this field as well as in your favoured weapon’s: strike with a sword to become better with it or use any other weapon.

As soon as you get a point to spend for your preferred weapon, you will use it to unlock special attack combos that will allow you to diversify your attacks and to trigger effects such as a shield bash. Be careful though, for each capacity is linked to one or several weapon sub-categories. It would be a shame to unlock a skill for a weapon you do not wield.

prefered weapon inventory

You defence will also allow you to unlock new skills, so do not forget to regularly visit the character menu in order to improve your stats and skills.

A quick tip to finish: if you have the possibility, fire an arrow or two at an enemy before starting a fight. This will allow you to kill an enemy first hand.

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