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Not always easy to push a sword through the guts of an enemy to be victorious in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You can also use your bow to loose some arrows. Whether it be for hunting or killing an enemy, using the bow is not as simple as it first seems.
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Kingdom Come: Basic First

  The bow allows you to remain at a distance from enemies and inflicting some damage without taking any. As stated in the combat guide for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you should begin a fight with a few arrows so as to eliminate a first threat or at least to substantially reduce his health. inventory   In order to choose your bow, be sure to read the object’s description that will give you a few interesting pieces of information about it. Also, bear in mind that the quality of the bow must match the arrows’: fire very good arrows with a rubbish bow will not yield much.

Gear Up Appropriately

Of course, remember to equip a bow but also arrows. It might sound stupid, but you probably will find yourself out of ammo more often than not. So, check you have equipped arrows and above all that you do have a sufficient number of them, since the game does not replace automatically a type of arrows by another when your stock is depleted, even if they are different stacks of the same type. aim 1 aim 2 You will also notice that Kingdom Come: Deliverance does not provide any crosshair (realism and all…) – it is for you to determine where your arrow will land. On a general basis, avoid firing from too far away since it complicates things.

AIM Properly

When you are ready, draw your bow. Your stamina bar starts depleting and when it is completely empty, the arrow fires away – and the more you wait, the shakier the aiming. In order to aim properly in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you will need to use your imagination a little bit. Do not look at the arrowhead but at the shaft: draw an imaginary line in the prolongation of the shaft. With just a little practice, you will shoot right in the bull’s-eye every time – but be careful about the height adjustment if your target is quite far away: you should aim a bit higher in order to strike where you want to.   When you are finished, do not forget to search the corpses of your victims to get your arrows back. They break very rarely, including when you miss your target and this is also true for enemy arrows! Thus, when duelling with another bowman, be sure to gather munitions from around you – those the enemy will have failed to stuck in your body.  

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