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Reading is very important in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It will allow you to fare better during some quests and for crafting. As a blacksmith son, Henry is not a lettered person and he will have to study to become one.
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The power of words

You start Kingdom Come: Deliverance without being able to read. Very soon however, you will have the opportunity to find a solution to this problem by following these steps:
  • Go to Uzhitz in the far north-east map
  • Pay a visit to the scribe (a feather marks his office on the map, its sign shows three potions and a feather). scribe sign
  • The scribe is not always present, try to visit him in the middle of the day. You will find him working at his desk. scribe office
  • Speak to him and ask him to teach you to read for 50 Groschen.
  • After a short sequence, read the book on the table close to you then talk to the scribe and tell him the story deals with a man and a hen. scribe desk
  • Then read the other book on its reading desk. You will not understand a single word, perfectly normal.
  • Go back to the scribe, say you read the text and select this line: “Nullus est liber tam malus, ut non aliqua parte prosit.”
You are now able to read! Well your expertise is rather precarious but even if letters are not necessarily in the right order, at least they will be the good ones. This will allow you to decipher very easily what you read. Kingdom Come: Deliverance uses a system in which each skill you practice improves, so the more you read, the better your understanding. As a beginner reader, you just unlocked two sub-skills (you have to choose one):
  • Colleague: Pay less for books in shops.
  • Immersion: When you read, your hunger and fatigue are halved.

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