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When you start your adventure in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you are virtually incompetent. Only in progressing through the game you will be able to unlock new skills, among them the abilities to pick pockets and assassinate a target most quietly.
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In order to be introduced to the world of larceny, you should count on Peshek, the miller that takes care of you at the beginning of the game after you escaped from Talmberg. Indeed, the millers in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are far from what they appear to be: they thrive in wrongdoing. Thus, be sure to accomplish the quest “The good thief” for Peshek. When you recover from your wounds, go talk to him immediately and he will give you this quest to pay him back all you cost him. After completing it, you will be able to ask him to teach you to pick pockets. Since the procedure is quite tricky, here it is:
  • Start by crouching and approaching quietly in the back of your victim
  • Maintain the action button pushed and you should see the thieving menu
    • If it turns green, you can keep on diving your hand into the pocket.
    • Once it starts turning red, think about releasing the action button.
    • This is an important notion because the more time you spend on this step, the more you get for the next one. pick pocket 1 pickpocket 2
  • The contents of the victim’s pockets display then. You first need to identify the objects by going to interrogation marks and using the action button.
  • When you have found what you are interested in, press the action button once more and bring this object to the exit door at the top centre of the circle.
  • Press the action button and collect the object. If you manage to do that during the given time, you remain undetected.
  • If not, the person will call for guards and even if you neutralise him or her, you will be wanted.


Over a first phase, your only possibility to neutralise an opponent quietly consists in knocking him or her out. You can then kill him or her but will be easily noticed. In order to commit an assassination, you need:
  • A dagger in your inventory
  • To reach at least the fifth level in Stealth
  • Unlock the Stealth sub-skill the allows you to stealth murder
The best you can do in order to gain levels in Stealth is to lock picks and pick pockets. Once you have all of this, you are ready. Approach a target from behind while remaining in a crouch position and then push the indicated button to kill it discretely.  

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