Top 10 Games like Rust

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This is the top 10 games similar to Rust list that we have compiled for you. Rust is a multiplayer SurvivalFPS video game developed by Facepunch. Rust has as focus the craft, construction and PvP (Players versus Players). The main goal of the game, it’s to survive by any means necessary in a hostile environment. You start the game as a naked person with only a rock and a torch to start with, you will have then to evolve. For that you will have to gather resources, build a base where you can be safe, craft and loot better equipment and weapons, all that in a full PvP world.

If you like survival games, check this listing of top 10 games very similar to Rust down below.

Games similar to Rust

Check Out our Top 10 Games like Rust


What do the top 10 games similar to Rust have in common?

All games you can see on our Top 10 GAMES like Rust, are games focused on survival. Most of the titles include base/shelters construction and craft, and they are multiplayer games.

Some games of the list have their own specificity, like The Forest that does include multiplayer, but only as co-op, most of the other games that include multiplayer has PvP content.

How about you, what do you think? Do you believe we missed good survivals in our top 10 games like Rust? Tell us about your choices in the comments!