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Release date
21 April 2016
Official website
Klei Entertainment
Klei Entertainment
Strategy Action Adventure Indie Simulation Survival ... Horror Co-op Open World Crafting Roguelike Sandbox Online Co-Op Multiplayer 2D Survival Horror Difficult Funny Atmospheric Singleplayer Open World Survival Craft

About this game

Get ready to Fight, Farm, Build and Explore Together in the standalone multiplayer expansion to the uncompromising wilderness survival game.

  • Come across and explore a massive generated and biome-rich world with countless resources and threats.
  • Fight together and defeat seasonal bosses, wandering menaces, lurking shadow creatures, and plenty of flora and fauna ready to turn you into a spooky ghost.
  • Farm Together! Plow fields and plant crops to grow the farm of your dreams. Tend to your crops to help your fellow survivors stay fed and ready for the challenges to come.
  • Build something and protect yourself, your friends, and everything you have managed to gather, because you can be sure, somebody or something is going to want it back.

Bundle Edition

This includes the full game and another game called “Don’t Starve”.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (64 bits)
  • CPU: 1.7+ GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • HDD: 3 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA Radeon HD5450
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Don’t Starve Together – Wortox Deluxe Chest

Wortox is a playful Imp with a colorful past and was once a gentle forest creature without a care in the world.

  • Wortox catches the Souls of creatures that die around him.
  • Souls can be used for the following abilities:
    • Wortox can eat delicious souls (then loses some sanity).
    • Wortox teleports a short distance.
    • Release Souls to heal nearby allies.
  • Unfortunately for Wortox, his body craves Souls. Food is only ½ as sustaining.
  • Wortox can be overloaded with Souls, causing him to drop them and lose sanity.
  • Wortox is less afraid of monsters.

And this also includes:

  • Essential Wortox
  • Wortox’s Uncorrupted Skin Set
  • Wortox’s Minotaur Skin Set
  • Wortox’s Survivor Skin Set

Don’t Starve Together – All survivors Gorge Chest

This includes the features below.

  • Wilson’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Willow’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Wolfgang’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Wendy’s Victorian Skin Set
  • WX-78’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Wickerbottom’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Woodie’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Wes’ Victorian Skin Set
  • Maxwell’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Wigfrid’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Webber’s Victorian Skin Set
  • Winona’s Victorian Skin Set

Don’t Starve Together – Beating Heart Chest

Within this box, you’ll find all three Valentine’s-themed skins, which can be used in-game in Don’t Starve Together.

  • Clement Life Amulet
  • Winged Brazier
  • Romantic Birdcage
  • Luxurious Stage Portrait
  • Resplendent Curtain Portrait

Don’t Starve Together – All Verdant Spring Chest

You can find all six Verdant skin sets, wearable in-game by your favorite Don’t Starve Together characters.

  • Maxwell’s Verdant Skin Set
  • Wigfrid’s Verdant Skin Set
  • Woodie’s Verdant Skin Set
  • Wes’ Verdant Skin Set
  • Winona’s Verdant Skin Set
  • WX-78’s Verdant Skin Set

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EU STEAM CD KEY: Requires an EUROPEAN IP address or you must activate it with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to play Dont Starve Together. Might have languages restrictions or language packs. Read the description on the store game page to know if the EU IP is only needed for activation or for playing also (maybe on EU Servers). Most of the stores offer you their help, or show you how to do this with a tutorial to follow.
STEAM EU EN KEY : Steam EU Key to download and play Dont Starve Together in English language only. Read the store description carefully about language and restrictions.
EUROPEAN STEAM GIFT : It’s a steam gift for Europe which requires an European IP address to activate and to play Dont Starve Together on Steam. Read carefully the store description about region and language restrictions.
STEAM GIFT : A Steam gift is a one-time transfer you receive. You activate and install Dont Starve Together to play on Steam, it is a non-refundable game that stays in your Steam games collection. Please read the store description about any language or region restrictions.
STEAM CD KEY : Use the Steam Key Code on Steam Platform to download and play Dont Starve Together. You must login to your Steam Account or create one for free. Download the (Steam Client HERE). Then once you login, click Add a Game (located in the bottom Left corner) -> Activate a Product on Steam. There type in your CD Key and the game will be activated and added to your Steam account game library.
STEAM KEY ROW : It means for Rest Of the World countries which are not concerned by the region restrictions. This product can't be purchased and activated in Several countries. Please read the store description to know the full list of countries which are concerned. Use the key to Download and play Dont Starve Together on Steam.
Pack X2
Standard Edition

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14 comments 1 0 0 0 1 1 8 3

whizzerlow007 says on 5 June 2023 at 13:08:37

Don’t Starve Together is basically a tweaked version of Don’t Starve, the 2013 title developed and published by Klei Entertainment, with a strong multiplayer core.

While it generally follow the story of the original game, the story is pretty much a pretense to introduce new lore, enemies and stuff to do in the game. What is essentially an open survival game with a focus on crafting, Don’t Starve Together
is a pretty complex game that will certainly require multiple runs, but with the rebalance for the multiplayer it makes the experience pretty fun.

Not only we have the classic default game mode, but also a more challenging one where we Forge is the boss rush mode and Gorge for a more survival and crafting focused one with a more relaxed approach, as well as tweakable conditions and playstyle that won’t overwhelm new players.

Moreover there are modded servers which allows to join into a pretty big map already populated which is run by different players, often with contrasting groups although there are more chilled and friendly one (but beware there are still grievers)

The game boils down to survive the longest with your friends, by not only scavenging resources as mainly food, but also fighting the various survival stats to take care as well as sanity, which if it goes down a lot (influenced by seeing some scary or traumatic stuff) will make ghost appear and eventually attack us. All the while trying to improve your base and responds accordingly to the harsh climate change of the season, with need for water and refreshment in summer, while seeking fire and heat sources in winter. The crops and food resources are obviously affected by it, with spring having the most resources while summer may cause drought and winter hard to find resources.

There are also monsters factions as well as area featuring bosses with precious materials drop. The compendium and materials in the game are so much that without a solid guide it become overwhelming, as well as adding the various characters trait which often result in different playstyle and approach to the survival.

The game is definitely fun but also require a steep learning curve, which is mitigated by the various options to tone the harsh difficulty down as well as improve resources. As a game to play with friends it’s definitely great, and it really helps a lot having to organize and do different chores for an optimal result. Moreover the game is extremely cheap and often under 2€, for a game that keep getting frequent updates and new dlcs to boot.

Rating: 4.5/5
CarlosBraz says on 31 May 2023 at 19:53:54

Don’t Starve Together is an open-world survival game that’s best experienced with other players. To survive in this game you must maintain your health, food and sanity. During the day it’s easier to explore but at night more dangers come out and you need a constant light source in order to survive. The game features the 4 different seasons and has different biomes, each with it’s own dangers and quirks. You can farm crops, cook food and craft weapons/gear which will be needed to survive the seasons, the bosses and the different types of enemies the game throws at you. It’s a rather complex title that requires a bit of time to get into and some knowledge to prepare ahead for the following in-game days.

Rating: 5/5
Rie says on 29 May 2023 at 12:21:46

Don’t Starve Together is an immersive and exhilarating multiplayer survival game that will test your skills and ingenuity. Set in a dark and mysterious world, the game throws players into an unforgiving environment where they must scavenge for resources, craft tools, and build shelters to survive against the harsh elements and relentless creatures that lurk in the shadows.

The cooperative aspect of the game adds a new layer of excitement, allowing players to team up with friends or strangers to navigate the dangers together. Collaboration and strategic planning are crucial as you work together to gather food, fend off enemies, and uncover the secrets of the world.

Rating: 5/5
JillyJill says on 29 May 2023 at 11:39:40

If we had to create a list of the most challenging survival games, we’d certainly add Dont Starve Together to it. With its impressive graphics, this indie game has certainly left its mark on the genre. What’s more, it features mods and you can create your own server using the settings of your liking. And all for a relatively low price.

Although it’s possible to play solo, this game is designed to be explored with a group of friends. In addition to basic needs such as hunger, you also have to look after your characters’ mental health. And that can be difficult when you’re out of the light, in a dark forest surrounded by anomalies and bizarre creatures…

One of the most difficult features to manage is permanent death, which causes you to lose your progress. Fortunately, for those who like to take things easy, there are mods that allow you to resurrect, and even earn XP to unlock skills. For its price, Don’t Starve Together is a good choice, and it’s no surprise that it remains one of the most-played survival games.

Rating: 5/5
Saul Gaspar says on 6 September 2019 at 13:10:26

There is nothing worse that to starve alone, so in this game you may be hungry, but at least you are not alone!

Rating: 5/5

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