Pine Harbor Launches with Verified Key Seller Price Comparison

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Pine Harbor is a new survival horror game where a technological disaster disrupts a small fishing town nestled on the shores of the North Atlantic. You will explore the town which is shrouded in fog and surrounded by creepy pine forests.

While you’re getting to the bottom of what really happened, you will also gather resources to survive another night, help survivors of their trauma, and face the consequences of the horrific catastrophe.

Pine Harbor Steam Release

Pine Harbor has had its share of development hiccups. In fact, the Early Access release was initially delayed last year.

But with the effort and dedication of the Vision Forge Team, the game is finally coming out on April 25, 2024 for PC via Steam. It is uncertain for now if it will be available on Epic or GOG as well.

Will Pine Harbor have a console version?

The game is launching only on PC today. No Xbox or Playstation version was announced yet but considering that it is on Early Access status, chances are, if the devs are planning on a console launch, it will be on the full release of Pine Harbor.

The game is currently being dubbed too as the possible “next” Resident Evil. So if the cards are played right, it could very well land on the console sooner than later.

Is Pine Harbor available on Game Pass?

Pine Harbor will not be launching on PC Game Pass or any gaming subscription on launch day. There is still a way though to play the game for free. It may not be the full game but the Pine Harbor free demo is still live on Steam, as of writing.

The demo has quite recently been updated too with a redesigned UI, new map, new in-game items, even additional localization, some bug fixes, and more. So it’s really a great way to check out the game before you jump in buying the early access version.

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