Midnight Ghost Hunt: 66% OFF Sale – Get Your Cheap Key Now

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Midnight Ghost Hunt: 66% OFF Sale - Get Your Cheap Key Now

As part of Steam’s Weekend Sale, we have Midnight Ghost Hunt, an adrenaline-fueled team game where we’ll play as either Ghost Hunters or Ghosts, with unique powers and weapons where the team that stays standing before the end of the game wins! Available with a hefty 66% discount, bringing it well below €10!

Where to Find Midnight Ghost Hunt at the Best Available Price

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available on the Steam Store as part of the Weekend promotions, with a 66% discount on the price, but beware that the discount will only be available until April 4th. But thanks to Allkeyshop, you can find this brand new ghost-themed team game at an even more affordable price, for just €1!

What is Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a game developed by the small indie studio Vaulted Sky Games and published by Coffee Stain Publishing released on 21st March 2024. Midnight Ghost Hunt offers a multiplayer game with a ghost-themed version of the classic hide and seek, but with some twists. In fact, we’ll have a team of Ghost Hunters with weapons and equipment aimed at locating and neutralizing the Ghosts. Who in turn will have perks and abilities to strike back and potentially stop the Hunters, such as possessing objects or temporarily seeing the Hunters through walls or objects.

But at the stroke of midnight, the roles will reverse, with the Ghosts empowered by the Witching Hour, they can attack the Hunters who must survive before time runs out. A 4-player per team PvP that will rely on good teamwork as well as knowledge of the maps, all with ghostly or eerie themes. In short, a sort of prop-hunt where the hider can defend themselves and overturn the situation!


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