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From the former developers of the Call of Duty franchise comes another game that’s got avid gamers stoked with its release. Titanfall, 2014’s most-anticipated multi-player first person shooter, is considered by critics as the most successful evolution of the genre. Garnering more than 60 awards in its E3 2013 reveal, Titanfall is also praised for its balance, overall accessibility, Smart Pistol weapon, and more.

Played from the first-person perspective, Titanfall players take the role of “pilots”who can command “Titans” (agile, mech-style exoskeletons). Pilots form a team (up to twelve players) and need to complete team-based objectives during the course of the game.


Attrition – Earn Attrition Points by killing anything from Grunts, Spectres, Pilots, Titans, and Dropships on the enemy team’s side. The team that hits the score limit first, or has the highest score when the time is up is the winner.

The amount of Attrition Points you get depends on the enemy you killed. Grunts and Spectres give you one Attirition Point, while killing Pilots give four Attrition Points. Defeating a Titan gives you five Attrition Points.

You can also choose to avoid enemy Pilots by referring to the minions on the game map.

Last Titan Standing – In this game mode, all Pilots will start in a Titan. In order to win the match, your team must eliminate all the Titans or Pilots from the enemy’s team. The team that has the most number of wins out of five rounds wins the match. There is no respawning and replacement Titans within each round, but if in case your Titan gets destroyed and you have successfully ejected from your Titan, you can continue playing as a Pilot and help your team eliminate the enemy Titans.

Hardpoint Domination – Capture and hold the three hardpoints (three system nodes) in the Hardpoint Domination game mode. The more hardpoints you hold, the faster you can get accrue points.  Neutral hardpoints can be captured simply by standing near them for a short period of time. You can also retake hardpoints taken by the enemy, however you need to stand near them for a longer period of time. Only Neutral Hardpoints can be captured, so if there are enemies standing near a hardpoint, you have to eliminate them before you can neutralize and capture it.

Capture the Flag –  Steal the enemy’s flag and return it to your base while stopping them from grabbing yours. A capture can be scored if your team’s flag is present at your base and is set into its pedestal. Once you have the enemy’s flag, capture it by running through your team flag at your base. The team with the most captures when the match timer runs out is the winner.

Pilot Hunter – The objective of this game mode is to kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win the match. For each enemy Pilot you kill, you are awarded with one point. Killing Grunts and Spectres in this game mode does not give you points, however eliminating these will give you build time reductions on replacement Titans and Titan Core Ability

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows Vista SP2 64-bit / Windows 7 SP1 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit CPU: AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz / Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz RAM: At least 4 GB HARD DRIVE: At least 50 GB of free space VIDEO: AMD Radeon HD 4770 with 512MB RAM or better / Nvidia GeForce 8800GT with 512MB RAM or better DirectX: DirectX 11 INPUT: Keyboard and mouse, Microsoft Gamepad ONLINE CONNECTION REQUIREMENTS: 512kbps down and 384kbps up or faster Internet connection

You decided to buy Titanfall, but not very sure whether the digital download version is reliable?

It is true that when we see unbeatable prices, we tend to distrust. However, the digital download format of the games are far better than receiving a physical compact disc which includes an activation key.

Why is it so? For one, there is no shipping fees involved when purchasing games in digital download format. Your game’s activation key is sent electronically through email, or the store’s website. Also, the game developers save more money by minimizing the production of DVDs/CDs. Everything is sent electronically, so it plays a huge role with the game’s price.

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It’s very easy to buy TITANFALL. All you need to do is visit the Titanfall game page on our website. Once you’re on the game’s page, all you need to do is select your favorite game store, or the price which is most convenient for you, then click SHOP NOW. You will be directed to your selected store’s website.

You may be asked to create an account with your selected store’s website, if you still don’t have one. Afterwards, you can add your selected game in your cart and proceed with your payment. It’s as simple as cake!

Of course, do not forget to check the time of delivery of your CD key, the game’s language as well as the method of payment.

There will also be instances when the store you selected will ask you to verify your identity on the time of your first purchase. This is done only for security measures, so you need not be afraid. They will sometimes ask you to take a photo of yourself holding you ID card, for example. You can opt to hide the numbers on your card, or any information you do not wish to share with them. You can leave your name and your photo visible instead.

Every seller proposes their own time of delivery. Some stores deliver immediately after purchase (Kinguin, G2A, etc.), while others take a longer time (ex: Cdkeypascher).

Also take into account that pre-order games are only sent a few hours before the release date of the game, so do not panic :).



The Russian version CD keys which are listed on our website are only usable and can only be activated in Russia.

If you wish to take advantage of the price for the Russian key, you would need to have a VPN to activate the game and play it. Also, the languages available are only Russian, Czech, and Polish.

We highly recommend that you purchase the Global Version CD key instead of the Russian version – unless you live in one of the countries listed and are able to speak one of the languages.



We’ve included several features on our website so that you can apply filters and only see what you want to see on your screen.


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