Palworld Summer Update Unleashes FOUR New Pals

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Palworld Summer Update Unleashes FOUR New Pals

During the ID@Xbox showcase held in recent days, Pocketpair, the studio behind the acclaimed Palworld, also joined with a new trailer. The trailer was released on 29th April 2024, showing us some of the content coming soon with the Summer update. Definitely an update that many are eagerly awaiting considering the exciting new additions, as well as a new gaming area.

Palworld: What does the new Summer Update trailer show?

From what is shown in the trailer by Pocket Pair, certainly what has caught attention is the arrival of 4 new Pals. We have indeed a silly dinosaur with a mushroom for a hat, a cute frog in karategi with a twig, a mysterious canine with mystical powers, and a Peacock with Earth powers. Pals whose names are not yet known, although according to some previous leaks by dataminers, they seem to indicate Kendofrog as the Pal name for the froggy.

Certainly, there is no shortage of major contents, including a showcase of 2 new weapons, a flamethrower and a futuristic weapon that seems to shoot laser projectiles. All accompanied by a new gaming area in the form of a new spring-themed island with cherry blossom trees. As well as new themed structures and buildings to create, as temples and Torii gates and of course this is just a small taste of what the new update will bring, with confirmation on the Palworld Discord of many more Pals to come.

Palworld: Summer Update Release Date

The release date that Pocketpair has left us for the new major update of Palworld is indeed Summer 2024. In short, an update that will arrive soon, leaving room for players to try out the new Raid mode just released at the beginning of April, which brings the new and first Boss Raid Bellenoir with version v0.2.0.6. With a challenging challenge that will reward players with Pal Eggs. In addition to new features and items to improve the experience such as Ability Glasses which allows you to see the stats of Pals, Ring of Mercy which is a ring that will allow an enemy Pal to remain with 1 HP (similar to False Swipe in Pokémon) and much more! We always remind you that Palworld is available on Game Pass, making it a convenient option even just to try out Pocketpair’s title!


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