Abiotic Factor Out Now with Early Access: Where to Buy at Best Price?

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Abiotic Factor Early Access Release

After years of waiting, Abiotic Factor is finally out on Early Access. And although it’s not the full version yet, the game is LOADED with 3 massive sectors, more than 6 portal words, and dedicated servers for its multiplayer mode which can accommodate up to 6 players.

There aren’t many games that come to mind feeling like the Early Access version is already complete. With this much content, Abiotic Factor is sure to satisfy every fan of the genre.

And to celebrate its release, Steam is offering a launch discount of 20% until May 10, 2024. If you’re really keen to get this game, get it now as the devs plan to increase the price for its full release so it won’t get any better than this.

Is there an Abiotic Factor free demo?

Abiotic Factor was featured on Steam Next Fest last February with a public free demo. While the game was already a much awaited game before that, the demo set the game on stone as of the the top games releasing this month. In fact, it also made it to our Top 10 games launching for May 2024.

The demo received a lot of great reviews, especially the fact that co-op was already supported. Everyone who was able to play it for free just reinforced the idea that the game is worth every euro. Unfortunately though, the demo was taken off after the event and is no longer live on its Steam’s page.

Will Abiotic Factor be on Game Pass?

More and more Early Access games are added to Game Pass, thanks to the Game Preview program. The most notable one was Palworld early this year which is still making waves up to this date.

As for Abiotic Factor, the devs have not made an announcement yet (nor Microsoft) if the game will be added to Game Pass PC.

When is Abiotic Factor full release?

At its Early Access state, Abiotic Factor is already a massive multi-sector adventure game with a huge range of portal worlds. So you can just imagine how big and how much time and resources it will take to finish the game for its full version.

But, the devs have a clear path and have even published a roadmap from EA to full release. Their target is to have the game on EA status for 8-12 months but of course subject to change depending on the feedback they get from players.

They plan to release new sectors every 2-3 months loaded with new features, new enemies, and further improvements. The first major update is slated for summer called Crush Depth and the second one is for fall and will be called Dark Energy. The “Halloween Update” is the third major update and will mark its full release. To reiterate, this is only a target and can change.

Where can I buy Abiotic Factor CD Key cheap?

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