Batman: Arkham Shadow Officially Announced with VR Focus

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Batman: Arkham Shadow Officially Announced with VR Focus

A new announcement arrives these days for Batman fans; indeed, the team at Camouflaj has announced working on a new Batman game under the Arkham label, titled Batman: Arkham Shadow. A VR game dedicated to the DC superhero without powers who protects the city of Gotham City. Definitely not the first Batman VR game, but an unexpected surprise for fans after the recent events of the Arkham series with the recent Suicide Squad.

Batman: Arkham Shadow a Batman a new experience in VR

The news of this new Batman game integrated into the Arkham universe comes from the official Meta Quest channel, Meta’s (Facebook) VR headset, with this teaser released on1st May 2024. A very simple teaser that sees a mouse being followed with the appearance of Batman immediately attacked by a swarm of rats, with Batman defending himself with a smoke grenade before the camera zooms out to show an overhead view of Gotham City. Not much to see except for a teaser, although the presence of rats with glowing red eyes could be a clue to the presence of the Ratcatcher, one of DC’s supervillains and a fierce enemy of Batman. A character that has not yet appeared directly in the games, but traces of the character can be found with equipment scattered throughout the Arkham series and often mentioned by other characters.

The news, therefore, is about a VR game integrated into the Arkham universe. Although the most particular news is that the game seems to be exclusive to just Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

Batman: Arkham Shadow the date for further news

A game in development from the Camouflaj team behind Iron Man VR released on PSVR in 2020 and then also on Meta Quest in 2022. A good VR game with a rather positive response, so a team certainly capable of creating a fun game even though it remains to be seen what direction they will take with Batman. However, we have a date when the team and Meta will present this new exclusive, and it will be during the Summer Game Fest 2024, precisely on 7th June at 2 pm PT (11 pm CEST).

A game that will certainly have the daunting task, despite being a VR game, of having to help revive the franchise after the disappointing reception that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received, causing a huge financial loss for WB. So much so that at the launch of the latter, many fans simply returned to play the Arkham trilogy, which rose to the top 20 of the charts on many platforms.


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