Gamer Snacks: Switch Your Mid-Game Fuel

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These ultimate gamer’s snacks might take you aback initially but the benefits that come with it will make you think twice when you grab that bag of chips.

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Controller with a bowl of chips

Source: Chegg Play


The best way to fuel yourself with food is still to eat full healthy meals regularly. But some of us just absolutely love snacking or you just get to a point where you can’t leave the game. Here are some healthy gamer snacks for you to consider as part of your game setup essentials that help with your overall health and performance.



Burgers, Cheetos, and other unhealthy snacks

Source: Bravado Gaming


Although the choice of the majority of gamers is a long list of junk food, it does not help with anything really. All it does is give you instant gratification to relieve hunger and send a signal to your brain that you have done your part of feeding your body. But then what you are eating is a lot of empty calories. It does not only make you hungry again quicker (and then you overeat) but also it does not provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs.      

Gaming may not be as much of a physical sport compared to others but it is mentally tiring and your overall health plays a huge part in your performance as a whole. According to Redbull, retired Starcraft 2 proplayer Samayan “BlinG” Kay said, “There’s no question for me that a healthy lifestyle reduces fatigue and helps concentration levels. I definitely feel I’m more alert throughout the time I’m practising and can stay that way for longer compared to times where I slip away from keeping active and start to binge out a bit.”


Instead of grabbing that bag of Cheetos or sipping on that instant noodles you would occasionally make, switch those with these healthy snacks and feel the difference. Even Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim, former LoL proplayer of Fnatic said, “If you get hungry between meals, avoid sugary food and drink. Try water, fruits and vegetables instead,” according to the BEA website





Frozen berries

Source: Nutritious Life


There are numerous ways to enjoy this healthier gamer’s snack apart from just biting into plain fruit. Instead of candies, munch on some frozen grapes or berries. You can also have some thin apple slices (baked or not) to mimic chips. And then dip them in some almond butter to add more flavor if you want. Fruits have many vitamins and they contain natural sugar in them. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the nutrients you need. Imagine what a single Maxim Tomato did to Kirby!


Nuts and Seeds

Bowl of mixed nuts

Source: Mission


If the apple slices did not satisfy your chips cravings, try to eat almonds, cashews, walnuts and the likes. They have a good amount of protein and the crunch value you are looking for might just get fulfilled. Mix it in with seeds, dried fruits, and even some dark chocolate chips and you might just be looking at your next cookie alternative. Special shoutout to walnuts for their higher content of omega-3 fatty acids which is said to benefit brain function and memory. Particularly helpful when playing Rust for the first time.


Whole Grain Crackers or Pita Chips

Whole-grain pita chips

Source: SkinnyMS.


If you want a gradual decrease of that Doritos diet, crackers are a good way to start. There are a lot of healthier options for both crackers and pita chips in the local supermarket. They are not packed with a high amount of sugar which gives you that boost of energy but then it crashes leaving you more exhausted. Of course it is better if anyone in the house can make them from scratch. Just tell them you’re training to be a pro and that they should be more supportive!



Hummus with organic pita chips

Source: As Easy as Apple Pie


This incredible savory dip is a great alternative for the highly processed cheese ones you have in your pantry. This contains extra dietary fiber and nutrients which is a better gamer’s snack dip. If you are getting tired of the usual chickpea, there are avocado or pumpkin versions. You can make a big batch and store it in the fridge for a couple of days. Salsa would be a good one too but it’s not “glue” type so it could be a bit messy which is not ideal.



Box of sushi

Source: freepik


If you’re feeling a bit fancy and definitely do not mind eating raw fish (of course there are veggie options) then this is the perfect snack. There are times that chips just do not cut it out in terms of hunger and so you go to pizza rolls. But then instead of downing those rolls, opt for the healthier kind: sushi. You’ve got rice, veggies, and a kind of protein rolled into nori sheets that is packed with fibre and vitamins. Of course it won’t be any healthier if it’s smothered with tempura and cream cheese filling so try and choose those boxes with fresh ingredients.


Beef Jerky

Low-sodium low-sugar lean beef jerky

Source: Taste of Home


There should be more meat in here apart from the sushi so behold the Jerky! When you are used to eating meat pizzas, you do not want to restrict yourself with non-meat food or you’ll just revert back to unhealthy food. There are a lot of lean jerky options in the market like turkey or buffalo. There are also brands that are selling low-sodium low-sugar beef ones. You just have to check the food label and you’re good to go. Having said that, no…Slim Jim does not count.

This is a good snack list to start with while attempting to play and finish all these incredible games from Allkeyshop Game of the Year Award winners


So what are you having later with your newly purchased game?


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