Elite Dangerous Massive May Update: Python Mk II, ARX Changes & More

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We have more news on updates coming to Elite Dangerous in 2024. Keep reading to find out when you can try the Python Mk II and more.

Elite Dangerous Massive May Update

How to get the Elite Dangerous Python Mk II

Elite Dangerous is turning 10 years old this year. Frontier Developments continues working on the space MMO, with a post on their official site revealing what’s coming up in 2024.

The big gameplay news in the latest blog update is that Powerplay 2.0 is coming along. Frontier Developments expects a better system in which players will be able to “pledge, engage with, and support their chosen power” much more easily and see their efforts change the galaxy.

Newer players and veterans, too, will soon be able to purchase pre-built ships from the Elite Dangerous Gamestore. These ships will be improved versions of their base models, with packages allowing players to jump straight into the particular areas of the MMO they’re most interested in.

The gamestore itself is getting a refresh to offer an improved and more accessible experience, which should make it easier for players to find the items they want quicker. Non-Odyssey players will also be able to purchase ship variants with ARX.

Possibly the most exciting is that the new Python Mk II, which is a new ship variant, and it will be available for those who purchase early access from May 7. For everyone else it will launch in Odyssey on August 7.

Frontier Developments promise more updates and lots more content in 2024, with future features announced in coming Frontier Unlocked livestreams.

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