Dead by Daylight 60% OFF Sale – Grab Your Discount Code NOW

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Dead by Daylight 60% OFF Sale - Grab Your Discount Code NOW

As part of a Special Promotion on Steam, the popular Dead by Daylight is available with a hefty 60% discount on the standard edition. Bringing it to a very interesting price for this horror-themed PvP game.

Where to Find Dead by Daylight Game Keys at the Best Price

Dead by Daylight is available as part of a Special Promotion on Steam. Valid until May 2nd and with a 60% discount for the standard edition, bringing it well below 10€. Not a bad price, but with Allkeyshop, you can save even more, bringing it to less than 7€!

What is Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive Inc. in 2017, quickly becoming very popular thanks to its then very original and fun gameplay. Conceived as a 4vs1 asymmetric PvP, we can play as one of the 4 survivors against a player who will take control of a Killer. The goal of the survivors will be to activate the generators to open the Gate and escape, while the killer must capture and sacrifice all survivors. Set in maps inspired by great horror classics, with many hiding places and options to mislead the Killer. Not to mention the unique abilities of each Killer, and the Survivor Skill Trees.

With many important collaborations over the years, introducing many new characters including iconic Killers from classic Cult horror films. As well as the ongoing support from the devs, introducing new content including maps, characters, and skills. Dead by Daylight has carved out a slice of dedicated and passionate players. So much so that the game remains among the top 40 most played games on Steam. With more than 30 thousand active players every day!


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