Allkeyshop FIFA World Cup 2023

21 June 2023 at 13:55 in eSports, GNews with 97 comments

Allkeyshop FIFA World Cup #1

Congratulations to Manuel Bachoore for winning the first edition of the Allkeyshop FIFA World Cup! Manuel wins a cash prize of 2.000€ Make sure to follow him on Twitch: Manuel Bachoore

Player Country Achievements
Hartixel IT Professional FIFA Player for Mkers, one of Italy’s top prospects.
Damie PL ePremier League FIFA22 Champion and FIFA22 eNations World Championship runner-up, among other prestigious titles.
MatiasBonanno AR Professional FIFA player for Team Heretics. Moved to Spain to compete against Europeans and won the eLaLiga and FGS 22 TOTS Cup.
Andonii ES Professional FIFA player for Movistar Riders, Atlético de Madrid & eSeFutbol. FIFA 22 eClub World Cup Champion and FIFA World Cup qualifier in 2018 and 2021.
MaatM FR Professional FIFA player for SC Bastia Esports and Gamers Assembly’s FIFA tournament Champion in France.
ManuelBachoore NL Professional FIFA player for Team Gullit and two-time eDivisie Champion in 2022 and 2023.
Ktzn TR Current Turkish FIFA Champion and eSüperLig Champion in 2023.
Ivanilsonlpvm CR Competitive FIFA player and three-time Luxembourg Champion.

The final giveaway draw will take place on June 27th live on Twitch

Allkeyshop Twitch

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  • Players will use the FIFA Ultimate Competition game mode.
  • All games will use FGS 23 Rules settings, including:
    • Half Length: 6 Minutes
    • Stadium: FUT Stadium
    • Recommended Ball: EA SPORTS White/Black
    • Competitive Settings: On
  • Players are able to pause up to three times each unless required to for admin assistance.
  • Trainer must be turned off.
  • 2 Leg Matches:
    • The Friendly Competition Game Mode will facilitate two-leg matches.
    • For Leg 1, the player at the top of the bracket should select Leg 1 and invite the other player.
    • For Leg 2, the player at the bottom of the bracket should select Leg 2, set the score from Leg 1, and invite the other player.
    • The player receiving the invite must check the leg and aggregate score before beginning the game.
    • Leg 1 will end after stoppage time. Leg 2 will continue to extra time and penalties if necessary in case of a tie.
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