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To participate it's very simple, just link your Steam account.

Once a day, you can spin the wheel of fortune and have a 100% chance to win a prize.
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Spin the Wheel of fortune and win Gift Cards from the major CD Keys merchants, Even luckier ? Win one PS5, Xbox Series or Amazon Gift Card of a 500€ value !
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All info on how to play in our FAQ

The Allkeyshop reward program

On Allkeyshop.com, you can complete quests that get you points, with which you can win games and gift cards.

You must log in to complete the quests.

  • WoF access

Complete the quests below to get an extra spin

  • WoF access
  • WoF access

Daily Quests

  • 500pts
  • 1,000pts
  • 600pts

One Shot Quests

  • 500pts
  • 500pts
  • 500pts
  • 400pts
Step 1
Choose the game you want to win
Step 2
Spend points to activate the wheel
Step 3
Spin the wheel

People who have won with the Wheel of Fortune


If you are using a proxy, a VPN or are registered with multiple accounts, you will be considered as cheating and will not be able to win prizes, neither will count toward the gain of the person hosting the wheel..


Slice says on 11 April 2024 at 15:30:13

I’ve been spinning for about 2 years and I’ve won 80 euro so far I think.

inferno vs paraiso says on 11 April 2024 at 14:38:34

spinning for 4 years and i only won 2 times xD this is impossible

Emanuel says on 10 April 2024 at 22:12:25

yeah and what about showing people winning the points aswell i only see people winning 10€ and at first glance it seems wow this is cool but then im new and im getting only points and im sure a lot of people gets points aswell and nowhere on the log, like you put what u wish people see…

Hakura says on 11 April 2024 at 18:20:56

Hello Emanuel,

As mentioned in the previous pages we’ll do a rework on the profile. We don’t show “what we wish people see”, as even with the latest winner, people say “it’s a new account”, despite being a longstanding user since 2014.

We are aware people show interest in visiting other people’s profile and will make adequate changes.

When we implemented the 3-month limit, we communicated that it was due to the size of our player base. Including the full points history would result in, the table to be too long.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Allkeyshop Team

mrwhite1700 says on 10 April 2024 at 09:34:26

Just a thought since i have been using this website for a year or two now, have the affiliate ship as well for making giveaways and I see a lot of people here, and even from my community ask why they arent winning, I think a simple %shower on the prizes would be good to have, so they can grasp how little is the chance of actually winning.

Pachenko says on 9 April 2024 at 13:37:32

Seems super rigged, ppl spinning wheel for years get nothing but a guy that started spinning in the beginning of this year gets 4060ti.
I’m out.

Hakura says on 11 April 2024 at 18:09:16

Hello Patchenko,

Actually, the latest winner is a long time user and earned hundreds of millions of points along the years, he’s been around since 2014.

Kind regards,
Allkeyshop Team

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