Resident Evil 1 Remake? Fans Celebrate Possible 30th Anniversary

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Resident Evil 1 Remake? Fans Celebrate Possible 30th Anniversary

In recent days, certain rumors have spread regarding possible games in Capcom’s Resident Evil series. This comes just a few days after Capcom’s financial report. These rumors are certainly interesting and have been confirmed by some more or less reliable leakers, pointing to a potential modern remake of the first Resident Evil.

Biohazard:RE1 – the origins of the rumors and what the Remake is about

The first of all the rumors certainly comes from the PRE_Alarabiya community profile, dedicated to Arabic-speaking Resident Evil fans. In a post on May 9th, they talked about a potential new chapter in the series planned for 2025. And in this rumor, it is reiterated that Capcom is working on a remake of their very first game, Resident Evil 1. The second remake, considering the 2002 remake on Gamecube and then remastered in 2015 as Resident Evil HD.

It seems that, with confirmation from various other leakers including DanielRPK, this remake is scheduled for release in 2026, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Resident Evil. Although this wouldn’t be the first remake of the first chapter, Resident Evil HD is much closer to the original compared to the more recent remakes of 2, 3, and 4. These offer a more modern approach and different gameplay perspective compared to the original and the HD Remake, which use a fixed camera view and tank controls. In fact, according to rumors, we will see another modern remake of the original with significant graphical improvements and gameplay similar to the remakes, with a third-person perspective from the protagonist’s line of sight.

What to expect from Capcom with the Resident Evil series

Although the rumors talk about an experience between the slower, more tactical original, bringing visual and control improvements from the second remake, there are also rumors of the return of the Crimson Head variants of zombies and a further explored story. These are still just rumors without any official confirmation or important and verifiable leaks, but we already knew from December 2023 that further remakes would be coming thanks to the profound success of the latest ones, as well as working on new chapters of the series with rumors of up to 5 projects in production. In short, Capcom is certainly not sitting idle and has had good success with many of its main series games in recent years, although many hope to finally see the return of some classic IPs.


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