XCOM 2 First DLC Pack Release Date Announcement

12 March 2016 at 08:03 in Gaming News with no comments



The first ever DLC pack for XCOM 2 is just a week away!

What’s up all you XCOM 2 fans out there? The day that you’ve been waiting for is finally just a few more sleepless nights away. 2K and Firaxis has made an announcement for the release date of their first DLC pack in the game’s official website. The DLC pack is called Anarchy Children and it is set to be released this March 17, 2016.

Anarchy Children offers a lot of cosmetic upgrades at your disposal. Your soldiers will have over 100 “exotic” customizations available. From facepaints to hairstyles to decals and masks and so much more. Have the flexibility in creating a very unique character with all the customizations available to you.

Anarchy Children 1

Anarchy Children 2

The DLC Anarchy Children can be bought separately and is also included in the Reinforcement Pack that would include Anarchy Children plus two more DLC’s that will be available in the future.

Note: If you already have the Reinforcement Pack from Steam and will purchase Anarchy Children individually, you will still be separately charged for it.

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XCOM 2 was released last February 5, 2016 and is available to play on PC via Steam.


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