Xbox Target Seniors & Caregivers

25 May 2022 at 19:49 in Gaming News with no comments

Microsoft and Xbox are targeting seniors and caregivers in a workshop that makes gaming accessible to everyone.

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Gaming is for everyone, but gaming can be a scary and uncertain world for older generations.

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Microsoft and Xbox are attempting to change all that by providing workshops to ease senior citizens and caregivers into gaming.

For many, gaming is a way to escape and interact with other people, and as we saw during the lockdown, gaming can be a lifeline for so many people.

The workshop, created by Xbox DACH, features lectures on the advantages of gaming for seniors and hands-on and practical sessions.

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With the help of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Xbox is opening up the world of gaming to everyone.

The workshop has provided many with an escape from their everyday lives and helped stimulate their memories and imagination.

Realistic and immersive games such as Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 5 allow seniors to explore the world and experience past skills such as driving.

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Like Super Lucky’s Tale, other games help seniors and those with limited mobility to work together, build communication skills, and express themselves.

Gaming is a massive business and should be accessible to everyone, and thanks to Microsoft and Xbox, more people can enjoy games.




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