Total War: Warhammer Accidentally Revealed

15 January 2015 at 16:34 in Allkeyshop Gaming News with no comments


A new art book accidentally reveals SEGA and Creative Assembly’s next project, Total War: Warhammer. It was recently revealed in the Total War Center forum.

A user named StormOfRazors spotted a quote in the new The Art of Total War book from CA’s Mike Simpson, where he writes the studio is “taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: Warhammer.”

We don’t have much information at the moment but we will be doing some more research to tease the people who are big fans of the game.

This isn’t really a huge surprise seeing how Creative Assembly signed a deal with Games Workshop to make titles set in the Warhammer universe way back in 2012. Studio director at the time, Tim Heaton, promised Creative Assembly would “be doing the Warhammer universe justice in a way that has never been attempted before.”

In the meantime, Total War: Attila, which focuses on one of history’s greatest bogeymen, Attila the Hun, is due to be out next month.  So prepare yourselves for WAR!