Most popular video games | September 22

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Updated September 26,  2022


Find the top 10 most searched video games on Allkeyshop for September 2022 here.

This weekly list includes upcoming games, new releases, the best games of the year, the best video games of all time, and those updated with new content and a new season. 

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Most popular video games | September 2022



What’s hot this week?

  • We logically find FIFA 23 in the lead less than a week before its release with a slight price drop, followed by Cyberpunk 2077 which is surfing on a new notoriety acquired thanks to the series broadcasted on Netflix and a 30€ discount!
  • To play COD Modern Warfare 2 this weekend you had to pre-order the game or buy a Beta key, which explains the excitement on the page and its entry in 3rd place.
  • The new trailer of God of War sequel expected for the end of the year on PS4 and PS5 benefits to Kratos who is at the 7th place.
  • The GTA 6 stolen videos affair brings GTA 5 back to the forefront (Actually less than 10€) while Sea of Thieves is on a roll with the release of Adventure 7: The Siren’s Prize.
  • F1 Manager 22, Cult of the Lamb and Saints Row are probably out of the top 10 for a while. To be continued…


What’s Hot Week 3?

  • Besides NBA 2K23‘s smashing entry 1 week after its worldwide release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, sports games are in the spotlight with FIFA 23, F1 22 and F1 Manager 2022.
  • Its Epic Games exclusivity leads to a slight price increase for Saints Row which still benefits from a 10% discount.
  • Most of the the top 10 games released recently are selling for 30% to 40% less than their official price like Marvel’s Spider-man Remastered .

How do we make Allkeyshop’s 2022 Top 10 of the best video games of the month?


Thanks to Google Analytics, we are able to present you a weekly ranking of the most viewed game pages on our site.

We update this page every week to let you know what’s trending so you can discover new games and rediscover older games that are shaking up gaming news. 

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September 13,  2022

Upcoming games, new releases, best games of the year, of the decade, maybe of all time; or simply updated with new content, the launch of a new mode, or a new season starting. Find out the week 36 ranking with the actual cheapest price.


What were the most popular games from September 4th to 11th, 2022?


Here are the top 10 best-selling video games this week:


10/ Total War Warhammer 3 : – 3


The 3rd opus of the Total War Warhammer series closes this week’s top 10 most purchased games. The franchise was able to renew itself with the arrival of a multiplayer mode that’s been largely appreciated by the community. Strategy is still essential, but diplomacy and corruption take a prominent place to enhance your reputation and power.

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9/ GTA 5  : ⭐New entry


Rockstar’s GTA 5 has continued to reign in the universe of video games. With no less than 170 million copies sold worldwide, it is the 2nd best-selling game on the planet and undoubtedly one of the best PC games of all time. The adventures of Franklin, Michael and Trevor have not aged a bit. 


8/ Marvel’s Spider-man Remastered : – 4


A PC-optimized and supercharged Peter Parker hits the web this summer. With a wealth of experience as a crime-fighting superhero, he must once again draw on his resources to face his most iconic enemies and come to the rescue of New Yorkers whose lives are hanging by a thread.


7/ Battlefield 2042 : +2


This FPS from DICE had been somewhat forgotten lately, but since the arrival of season 2 Master-at-Arms, it comes back to our good memory. New character, new map, new weapons and new vehicles — enough to bring fresh troops on the battlefield while waiting for the next opus.


6/ F1 22 : +2


The official game of the Fédération Internationale Automobile developed by Codemaster has survived the summer rather well. New tracks, new mode, VR support, and an artificial intelligence adapted to the player’s level have seduced the drivers of Formula One World Championship 2022 on Steam, Origin, and Epic Games.


5/ Cyberpunk 2077: ⭐ New entry


CD Projekt Red’s futuristic action-adventure RPG has also been a hit since its release in late 2020. The vast open world of Night City offers enough space and freedom for the cyber mercenary to ensure his survival as contracts are fulfilled. Every choice is important to build his reputation in the main and side quests, which are all equally extraordinary. 


4/ Red Dead Redemption 2 : +2


Rockstar’s adventure game ranks 4th in this top 10 list which shows a rare popularity and longevity: soon to turn 3 years of existence on PC, and 4 years on console! Van der Linde’s gang can count on unwavering support throughout the years to survive in the barren lands of the Wild West.


3/ Elden Ring: ► Same place


Since its release earlier this year, FromSoftware Inc. and Bandaï Namco’s RPG has been at the top of the most popular video games of 2022. Many warriors and wizards have gone to write their legend in the Lands Between in search of the major runes and a better destiny.


2/ F1 Manager 22: – 1


Released on August 30th, the official Formula 1 simulation game for the 2022 season has attracted many fans wishing to become a manager of an F1 team. Careerist, strategist, businessman — you will need many qualities to become the best and win the F1, F2, or F3 championships.


1/ FIFA 23: +4


Expected to be released at the end of this month (official release on September 30, 2022 and early access from September 27 for those who pre-order), this football game from Electronics Arts intends to do better than its predecessor FIFA 22 in terms of realism and playability.  This is the great winner of this week’s most popular game!