February 2017 Game Releases – For Honor, Sniper Elite 4, and More!

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Let’s welcome the second month of the year with some new games! Coming up this month are not only big releases, but also those from the indie scene.

Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash video game For Honor is finally coming out fresh from its beta in January. Sniper Elite 4 is also part of the list, and it’s ready to get players bring their stealth on. This year’s release from the WWE franchise is also scheduled to be launched this month.

Check out more games you should look forward to this month in our list of February 2017 Game Releases below!

February 2017 Game Releases


Release Date: 2 February 2017

Diluvion is an action-adventure RPG set deep under the sea. Centuries after the Great Flood, humanity is forced to live deep in the sea trapped under unbreakable ice. You will play the role of an aspiring submarine captain who’s been given the honor of commanding his very first sub. Along with your crew, venture into the deep and uncover hidden civilizations, discover new towns, meet new people, or even hire new crew members. 9 pilotable submarines will be available for you. Customize and upgrade them according to your playstyle, and even take on terrifying underwater foes!

WWE 2K17

Release Date: 7 February 2017

WHAT’S HOT? Finally coming for the PC, WWE 2K17’s PC version is packed with exclusive offers you simply cannot resist! The Goldberg Pack, coming hand-in-hand with the game’s Standard Edition, will include two playable arenas (WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc), playable WCW Goldberg with black tights, and playable WWE Goldberg with black and white tights.


Release Date: 14 February 2017

For Honor
For Honor PS4
For Honor Xbox One

Ubisoft’s hack and slash game For Honor is going to bring you to the world of medieval warriors! Fight as a hero in one of three factions (Knight, Viking, and Samurai) and take on enemies in melee style battles. The game offers a campaign mode as well as five multiplayer modes to keep you busy.

Sniper Elite 4

Release Date: 14 February 2017

Sniper Elite 4
Sniper Elite 4 PS4
Sniper Elite 4 Xbox One

Sniper Elite 4 brings you to World War II Italy, in the aftermath of the previous game. You will play as Karl Fairburne, a covert agent and experienced marksman who will fight alongside the Italian Resistance. The game features an “expansive campaign” for up to 2 players, as well as a “dedicated co-op” and “adversarial multiplayer modes.”

MX Nitro

Release Date: 14 February 2017

MX Nitro promises to bring you the adrenaline fix you need. Whether you ride fast, fly high, or hit combos, this game is definitely a sure hit for all you motocross racing fans out there. The game features 55 stunts to learn, a 40-hour solo campaign which features head-to-head Boss races, tons of customization options, challenges, achievements, and so much more!


Release Date: 16 February 2017

Dropzone is a both an RTS and a MOBA rolled in one game. You will control a squad of three highly specialized rigs in 15-minute intense matches. CPut your strategies to good use, and complete the match objectives and collect Cores to get the highest score and emerge as the victor! Thee game features 1v1, 2v2, co-op and competitive modes.

Halo Wars 2

Release Date: 21 February 2017

Halo Wars 2 Xbox One

Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10, Halo Wars 2 is coming packed with awesome content. Its Campaign brings back the Spirit of Fire to the game as well as a new villain (Atriox). It also features the Ark, the “biggest battlefield ever” introduced in Halo 3. If you’re up for some multiplayer challenge, its five multiplayer modes will surely keep you playing for hours.

Night in the Woods

Release Date: 21 February 2017

Night in the Woods is an adventure game that you will surely begin to love at first glance. The game is centered on exploration, character, and story. The game also features dozens of characters to meet, as well as lots of stuff to do in a lush and vibrant world.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Release Date: 21 February 2017

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk brings the iconic characters from the Berserk manga series to life. The game combines the story from the manga as well as the hack-and-slash gameplay of the Dynasty Warriors series from Koei Tecmo.

Shadows of Adam

Release Date: 23 February 2017

This JRPG is described as “the must-play retro indie RPG built for the modern era.” You will play as an outcast that bears a fearful power who sets out into an unknown world in order to save her father. Shadows of Adam features 16-bit visuals with a modern design, up to 12 hours of gameplay, four playable heroes with unique skills, and an immersive character-driven story among many others.

Torment Tides of Numenera

Release Date: 23 February 2017

Torment Tides of Numenera
Torment Tides Of Numenera PS4
Torment Tides Of Numenera Xbox One

Torment Tides of Numenera is a role-playing game played in single-player. It is the successor of the highly-acclaimed Planescape Torment. The game is set in the Numenera universe and features a “deep, thematically satisfying story.” It also includes RPG elements such as the use of items in and out of battle, a character-driven story, and a reactive environment where your choices affect everything that happens in the game. Its Crisis system is also something you can take note of as it combines combat with puzzles, social interaction, stealth, and more.

And there you have it! Which games from our list of February 2017 Game Releases are you excited about? Share it with us in the comments!