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What is Fallout?

Fallout is a video game series that has been entertaining the gaming world since 1997 and has released several games. The games are set on Earth in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. However, the world was completely destroyed by a nuclear war in 2077 and is now radioactive contaminated. The company Vault-Tec sold bunker spaces in advance for the general population, allowing some to survive this brutal war.


Fallout Story

The world of Fallout is an alternative scenario after World War II. The scientist developed atomic-powered cars, robots, and energy weapons from 1950 onwards, but it came at a cost. The world remained culturally, socially, and technologically stuck in 1950. Computers were even more primitive, and there was no way to use resources more effectively. Thus, in 2052, a resource war began, leading to Canada being annexed by the USA and much more. The war lasted 25 years until on October 23, 2077, the USA and China made most of the Earth uninhabitable with nuclear warheads.

Tens of thousands of people found shelter in underground bunkers by Vault-Tec, the Vaults. However, many of the people who did not have a place in a bunker died from the bombs or the nuclear fallout to which the world was exposed. This also explains the name of the games. After decades in the bunkers, the first people emerged and found a destroyed world full of dangers. Due to the nuclear fallout, many mutations occurred in animals and those who survived on the surface. This made many beings much more dangerous than before.

Due to the great dangers that now exist on the Earth’s surface, many people joined together in clans, tribes, or communities to better survive in this harsh world. The games are set in the USA of the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Various political groups are in conflict with each other to spread their power and ideology.

War, war never changes

War, war never changes is the motto of the Fallout games. In the games, you must fight against human groups and mutants in a world that is still largely radioactive contaminated. The game combines American everyday culture with futuristic technology. In the games, you’ll find black humor and an open game world that you can explore freely and undertake various missions.

Fallout Main Games Plot

In the main series, there are a total of 5 games: Fallout 1-3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4. Fallout 1 was released in 1997 and is set in Southern California in 2161. After a malfunction of a water purification chip, you must leave your bunker. In the wasteland, you encounter the Master and his mutant army. This Master now has you and your Vault in his sights, and to save everyone, you must defeat the Master.


Fallout 2, released just a year later in 1998, is set in the year 2241, about 80 years after its predecessor. You play the Chosen One, a successor to the player from the first part, from the same Vault. You are given the task of the oldest Arroyo and you are to find the G.E.E.K (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). With this, you are supposed to save the Vault from a catastrophic drought. In the game, you will have to deal with the Enclave, who see themselves as the new government and want to exterminate all mutants. The game was developed by Black Isle Studios. At the moment, you can get Fallout 2 for free with Prime Gaming until April 11th.

Bethesda Era

After Black Isle Studios closed for financial reasons shortly before the completion of the third part, there was no new Fallout game for a longer time. But then in 2004, Bethesda (best known for the Elder Scrolls series) secured the rights to the Fallout series. However, Bethesda did not resume the old, already started project of Fallout 3, but developed a completely new, original game.

Fallout 3, released in 2008, is now set on the East Coast, in the area of the destroyed capital. There is a conflict between the Brotherhood of Steel, the Super Mutants, and the Enclave. Your goal is to find your father amidst all this chaos. However, you get deeper and deeper into the conflict of the other parties, thus playing a crucial role there as well. Fallout 3 is the first Fallout game to be played in a 3D first-person perspective instead of a 2D view.

In 2010, Fallout New Vegas was released, which, as the name suggests, is set in the destroyed Las Vegas. However, Las Vegas remains Las Vegas, so despite the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, you can still encounter casinos there. The NCR is at war with Caesar’s Legion, which rules the Hoover Dam area. This dam is highly sought after as it provides energy for the region and is therefore essential for controlling the area.

Mr. House controls New Vegas and wants to maintain his control there. In the city, there are already some who long for independence. You play as a courier who is supposed to deliver a mysterious platinum chip to the New Vegas Strip. Unfortunately, you are intercepted and almost killed by the head of the Strip family, Benny. In your search for the chip and Benny, you become increasingly involved in the conflict over the dam and must decide which side to support.


Fallout 4 was released in 2015. In this game, you can freely customize your character at the beginning and even determine your gender. Your character can even talk. At the beginning of the game, you witness the beginning of the day when the bombs hit. Fortunately, you, your spouse, and your child have places in a nearby bunker where you can seek refuge. But the bunker is not as advertised. You are all put into cryo chambers and frozen for many years. One day you wake up and see your spouse being shot and your child taken away.

When you wake up fully from cryo-sleep later, your goal is clear. You have to find and save your child. On your search, you are drawn into a conflict between the Brotherhood, the Institute, and the Railroad. You can also choose your side in this conflict and thus influence the outcome of the game yourself. Fallout 4 also offers the possibility to install mods, which can completely change the gaming experience.


Fallout Spin-offs

A total of 5 spin-offs to the Fallout series have been developed. The first one is Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, a tactical RPG from 2001. You play the squad leader of the Brotherhood and have to face increasingly powerful enemies in tactical battles. Over time, you can also recruit new comrades for your team, who do not necessarily have to be humans.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel was released in 2004. It is a very straightforward action RPG in which you have to fight through hordes of enemies. By fighting, you level up further and can find new equipment. Your goal is to find some missing Brotherhood members.

Fallout Online was supposed to start in an open beta in 2012, but that was already after Bethesda had bought the franchise rights. Interplay actually had the rights to release this MMORPG, but Bethesda negotiated out of court for $2 million to prevent this game from being released.

Fallout Shelter is a mobile game (which you can also play on PC) where you have to build your own vault. You start with only a few people and must secure your energy and water supply as the most important thing. For this purpose, you can have your residents work in various rooms, which speeds up the production of resources. Over time, you get more and more residents, and you have to expand your vault further. You can also send your residents into the wasteland to find weapons and other valuable items.

Fallout 76 is the online game of Fallout, which was released in 2018. The story takes place in West Virginia and picks up many characters and events from regional folklore. Initially, the game had no NPCs, but they were added in 2020 due to poor reviews. The game also had a battle royale mode, but it was discontinued due to poor reviews and low player numbers.

Fallout TV Series

Just over a week ago, Prime Video released a trailer for a Fallout TV series. It’s best to watch the trailer directly above yourself, otherwise, I’ll summarize it for you briefly here. The trailer starts with Walton Goggins advertising a Vault by Vault-Tec. You can also see the familiar Fallout Boy bobblehead figure right away.

Shortly after, you see a destroyed Los Angeles, with the destroyed Santa Monica Pier. There is also a huge crater there where the “Sandy Shores” library should be. Sandy Shores is one of the most important places in the first Fallout games because if all the quests there are completed, the New California Republic is declared.

After that, you see the female main character of the series, Lucy, played by Ella Purnell, who emerges from her vault into the desert after 200 years and is full of energy. On the surface, you see the familiar Stimpaks in a display case, with which you can heal yourself in the Fallout games. Set to the legendary song “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by Inkspots from 1938, Lucy immediately experiences how harsh the world is now and how different it is from life in the vault, which she has known all her life.

Lucy encounters Walton Goggins again, who is no longer the broker but has become a ghoul, similar to Nick Valentine. Additionally, she is attacked by a Mister Handy robot, who wants her organs.


Additionally, you see the Brotherhood of Steel, which were relevant in all Fallout parts. You see them with the familiar Power Armor from Fallout 4 as well as the familiar laser and 10mm pistols. But they also have the familiar Vertibirds and the airship known from Fallout 4. In a combat scene you see a fighter with the familiar flag of the New California Republic.

You also see the day the bombs fell again, where Walton Goggins (still before becoming a ghoul) tried to save a child from the explosion. You also see a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, who gives a bear, a “Yao Guai”, a blow to the chin in his Power Armor.

The familiar and beloved mutated, giant cockroaches, which you encounter directly in the vault in Fallout 4, must of course also not be missing in this series. The series pays attention to many details, so the weapons look almost identical to those in the games.

The series premieres on April 11th on Amazon Prime and it will definitely be worth it. We can expect an exciting development of the character Lucy and how she allies with the different factions. It will be action-packed, exciting, and hopefully have good character development. There will be a total of 8 episodes, all of which will be released on April 11th.

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