Pixel Sundays: ESO 10th Anniversary – New DLC, Rewards & Rebroadcast

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Pixel Sundays: ESO 10th Anniversary - New DLC, Rewards & Rebroadcast

The Elder Scrolls Online: The Live 10th Anniversary Celebration

Yes indeed, The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online Studios’ MMO, has reached the fateful and incredible Tenth Anniversary. 10 Years since its release on 4th April 2014, a date that represented a great dream for many, the dream of finally being able to play a title based on Bethesda’s series with an MMO approach and being able to play alongside other players and friends.

Elder Scrolls Online Amsterdam live event #ESOFam

To celebrate this important milestone, the Zenimax team has announced an enormous period of content that, as shown by the Roadmap, will extend from April 2024 until early 2025, covering a total of 15 months of content. This extensive Roadmap kicked off with a Livestream live from Amsterdam with an in-person event dedicated to TES Online with members of the development team and also members of the #ESOFam community.

But it’s not over yet because on 20th April and 21st April , it will be possible to participate in the Elfia fantasy cosplay festival, in Haarzuilens, a village in the province of Utrecht. Further information available at the page https://www.elfia.com/en/tickets/.

And on 13th and 14th July, there will be the return of ESO Tavern with the 2024 edition and a themed event to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of ESO in Wasserburg Heldrungen, Germany. News and ticket booking options will soon be available when the page is available on the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online. Live events will continue until the end of the 15-month period with another event in Sweden in June, in Germany, Japan, China, and Australia in July, and finally an event in 2025 in the United States to present the new content with a preview showcase for 2025.

Celebrate 10 Years of ESO with Limited In-Game Benefits

The celebration certainly doesn’t stop only at live events. In fact, a large part of the anniversary will be experienced in-game. In fact, from April 4th to April 23rd, 2024, ESO will hold the Anniversary Jubilee, during which players can amusingly obtain 100% Exp for its entire duration by completing the related Quest “For Cake’s Sake”. Being able to eat a slice of cake every day and receive in return 3 Event Tickets, for a maximum total of 60 Tickets. The drop of Gift Box will return in the form of Anniversary Jubilee, where the first one will be a Glorious version with special drops such as:

  • Crafting Materials
  • Motif, recipe for furnishings or a style for an item
  • An exchangeable style page for Earthbone Ayleid armor style
  • 1 Fragment out of 25 required to unlock the Jubilee Steed Mount
  • 1 out of 10 Transmute Crystals
  • Item Styles: Desecrated Grave Soil or the Worm Cult

In addition to the classic drop of Anniversary Gift Box, similar to the Gold Box of previous years. Event Tickets can be exchanged at the Impresario shop to obtain many unique items including:

  • Fragments for the pet Molag Bal Illusion Imp: Anchor Chain Fragment, Dark Anchor Pinion, and Effigy of the Dominator
  • Furnishing Recipe: Anniversary Cake and Anniversary Cake Slice
  • Fragments for the Jubilee Steed Mount

And this is just the beginning, as with the release of the upcoming Gold Road Expansion for Elder Scrolls Online, there will be many new themed events to celebrate the Anniversary. Expansion that we remember will be released on 3rd June 2024, on PC and later on 18th June on Xbox Series X/S and One, PS5 and PS4.

Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary upcoming Expansion Gold Road

TES Online: A 10-Year Journey

It doesn’t seem true, but it’s actually been 10 years since the release of Elder Scrolls Online, initially released in April 2014, but with a free beta in January 2013 with periods of a few days of testing, of which there is the exclusive Pet Imgakin Monkey as a reward for participants. Initially TES Online was released with a Subscription service similar to the renowned World of Warcraft. A choice at the center of much criticism, which greatly reduced the community and posed a significant barrier to interested parties, having to pay 15€ per month. And indeed in March 2015 ESO was reborn with Tamriel Unlimited, launch version for PS4 and Xbox One becoming a Buy to Play version with additional content, such as premium game currency, via ESO Plus which replaced the subscription. This change is what has ensured Elder Scrolls Online to continue to be played until today, combined together with paid expansions but also many free content and events.

With the Release of Tamriel Unlimited we have a series of DLCs that precede and accompany the Major Expansions and Updates of the game:

Morrowind: The return to the famous and beloved Dunmer region and protagonist of the third game in the saga in 2017. Preceded by DLCs such as Imperial City and Orsinium which offer new gaming areas, and DLCs such as Dark Brotherhood and Guild Thieves which add the two beloved Guilds of the series.

Summerset: In 2018 we have the grand return of the region of the first title of the series, Elder Scrolls: Arena. Preceded by Clockwork City, where you can explore the city of Sotha Sil and thwart a new Daedric threat, and followed by Wolfhunter which sees the Silver Hand hunters as protagonists, where we will help the group to track down the Werewolves led by Vykosa.

Elsweyr: In 2019 with the grand return to the Khajit region and with the return of the threat of Dragons. With dedicated DLCs of Dragonhold and Scalebreaker notes with the return of the order of the Dragonguard and the threat of a Dragon.

Greymoor: Released in 2020, a fantastic return to the cold region of Skyrim with the introduction of the Antiquities system and a Vampiric threat, which continues with the Stonethorn DLC, and a Markarth DLC, where the famous city of Skyrim is at the center of a new threat.

Blackwood: 2021 Expansion covering the region between Cyrodil and Black Marsh, at the center of a Daedric threat from Mehrunes Dagon and the Gates of Oblivion. With the Waking Flame and Deadlands DLCs that continue the fight against the Daedric Prince.

High Isle: A new region never before visited by the series. A 2022 expansion that takes us to the Systres Archipelago. Amidst a conflict of 3 factions and the introduction of a dangerous group in the Ascendant Order. With the Lost Depths and Firesong DLCs continuing the Legacy of the Bretons storyline, and a return to Morrowind with Scribes of Fate.

Necrom: The last game expansion of 2023 that takes us to the Dark Elf city and the return of the Daedric prince of knowledge Hermaeus Mora and the realm Apocrypha. With the Infinite Archive DLC and the recent Scions of Thelia, released on March 11th on PC and on the 26th on Console.

The Elder Scrolls Online and Microsoft: What Does the Future Hold

This year’s big expansion will be Gold Road, which brings us back to Cyrodil, specifically the Colovian Region area of West Wald, as well as the return of Skingrad at the center of a new conflict by the Daedric forces led by the threat of Ithelia, Daedric Prince introduced for the first time with the new expansion.

Elder Scrolls Online 10th Anniversary Roadmap 2024-2025

The 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Elder Scrolls Online will continue further, with confirmation of the free Expansion Prologue for all players with release on 3rd June 2024, on PC and 18th June on Xbox and PlayStation. Gold Road will also give a further look into the future of the series going forward under Microsoft. Especially something to keep in mind for 2025 when the Anniversary celebrations will conclude and we will finally have new information on the upcoming DLCs, Updates, and Expansion of Elder Scrolls Online. So there remains nothing but to enjoy the series and for those who have not yet tried it remains a good opportunity to try the game, even at a low cost by using Xbox Game Pass.


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