Steam: Capcom Halloween Sale – Resident Evil Series

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Steam: Capcom Halloween Sale - Resident Evil Series

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Once again this year Halloween Sale has finally come on Steam as well, funnily entitled as “Steam Scream:The Revenge” as a funny nod to usual Horror movies sequel and a “sequel” to last year’s Steam Scream Fest.

Joining the fray are several publishers and game series sharing the spooky atmosphere, but not limited to just that. Notably Capcom is joining with a full publisher sale as the Capcom Halloween Sale, extending the single week sale to a full 13 days. The choice of 13 days is no coincidence, considering the number is associated with misfortune as well as used in various famous Horror movies.

  Capcom Halloween Sale  

Resident Evil


As expected Capcom’s Sale biggest highlight is Resident Evil, with offers up to 81% off for certain bundles and at least 34% for regular editions. This comes especially handy as some bundles are not available in Cdkey forms, or can be combined with Cdkeys for a greater saving. Not to mention a great way to save on those cosmetics DLCs not available in Season Passes and alike.


Steam Scream Sale: The Revenge


Steam sale offerings aren’t always the best around, not jut from third party retailers but also other official stores. The biggest advantage though it’s the Steam Refund Policy, allowing hassle free refund if you’ve played only 2 hours and if your purchase is no older than 14 days. A thing that can’t used when buying games in the form of Cd Key.

  Steam Scream Sale Halloween 2023  

Our Suggestion


It’s pretty simple: Always check the best offer on Allkeyshop, for the game you are interested in. As sometimes it’s far more cheaper buying every single game independently then buying the bundle

Another important thing to keep in mind is that certain Steam bundles might offer a further discount if you already own one of the games or DLCs. You can take advantage of this fact by for example, buying one of the games that are far more cheaper on keyshops to receive a further discount on the bundle. But always check first before purchasing one of the games in a bundle.


If you are looking for a game to pick up and play for this Halloween, either solo or with friends, but are not sure what to play, be sure to check out our recent 8 Top Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time. You may find something interesting for your spooky Halloween!




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