8 Top Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time

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8 Top Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time

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Key Facts

  • The list includes some of the best 8 titles to play during the Halloween period.
  • Not just horror games, spooky,  psychological horrors or themed titles that embrace the Halloween mood.
  • The list offers a variety of genres and titles from different developers.

The spookiest day of the year is approaching, and you might have already noticed the overall infectious mood taking over many sites. As for this year, Halloween weekend.seems to start earlier with Saturday 28, Halloween on Tuesday, All Saints’ Day on Wednesday. For quite a few days of potential holiday for many, to relax and have some fun.

Thus we’ve compiled a list of 8 games that will help you enter the mood and have some fun, with enough options for those who can’t stand too much gore and prefer a lighter tone.

  8 Top Halloween Games for a Spooky Good Time    

Hunt Showdown

The unique PvPvE title by Crytek is still quite popular and is a match made in heaven for this spooky season. As you’ll find yourself hunting down terrible monsters while competing with other players either solo or with a friend.


Don’t Starve Together

By Klei Entertainment, Don’t Starve Together is a survival game where you’ll be able to play solo, with friends or a group of people online, trying to survive the harsh and nightmare fueled game world. With the brand new Host of Horrors update now available!



SCP: Secret Laboratory

A great Free to Play option by Northwood Studios based on the SCP universe, powered with the latest Halloween update. Navigate through the underground laboratories to contain the escaped threats with the help of other players, be wary of anything to stay alive, or be the threat!



Warhammer 40K Boltgun

Developed by Auroch Digital, this retro inspired entry of the Warhammer 40K universe is a great entry to play in this season, thanks to the addictive fast paced and satisfying shooting. Combined with gore, unforgiving enemies. Great if you want a challenge and a no too long experience.



Alan Wake Remastered

The title by Remedy Entertainment is more spooky than horror, but with the upcoming Alan Wake II leaning toward more to it, you can live the psychological nightmare that Alan has to deal with. Navigating through the Dark Place will help you prepare for the upcoming Sequel.



Resident Evil 4

The legendary series by Square Enix, RE:4 is the remake of the 4th installment, and has always been regarded as the more action entry as opposed to the previous entries. As always you’ll play Leon trying to save the president’s daughter, and escape alive from the zombie infested city of Valdelobos and neutralize any further threat.



Mortal Kombat 1

The recent reboot and sort of sequel to Mortal Kombat 11 is undeniably a good pick among the fighting games that are slowly rising back in popularity. Gore, extreme violence and dark humor is a staple of the series, further fueled with the Invasion Mode’s minigames



The Forest & Sons of the Forest

Endnight Games Ltd The Forest has been one of the most influential Early Access titles on Steam, and now in its complete package offers a terrifying survival experience on many levels. One that can be played solo as well as in co-op. Not to mention the “sequel” both titles are extremely popular as of now.



These are some of the best titles you can play that will help you get in the mood with the spooky season. Whether you are going to play solo, in co-op or with strangers, these titles will offer a great variety of options.

There’s only so much we can include in the list, and there are many great titles not appearing in this list. An example is the remake of Dead Space, which is also now available on Xbox Game Pass, along with other titles perfect for Halloween, for cheap!




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