Top 10 Games like Rust

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Top 10 Games like Rust


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7 Days to Die is a zombie first-person-shooter game that takes place in an open-world environment. Essentially the game is like Rust only along with the struggles of malnutrition and surviving encounters with other players, is the constant fear at dying to salivating zombies. Since release, the game has garnered over 50,000 reviews on Steam which have been mostly positive. This means the vast majority of the player-base is pleased with the game and should you try it, it is highly likely you’ll like it too.



DayZ is an open-world post-apocalyptic survival game, set in the post-soviet country of Chernarus. It is like Rust in that it personifies the characters by attributing real-world qualities like hunger, thirst and exhaustion. However, DayZ has a back story that speaks of the pandemic that reduced almost all of the population to the ravenous cannibals players must withstand. Other than that, the games are similar which means transitioning between the two will not be too tedious.



Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer survival game set in the era of the Conan the Barbarian. As such, it features all the tools, environment, and otherworldly creatures that the legend references. The gameplay is like that of Rust where crafting, farming and building are essential to a player’s survival, but the gear is reminiscent of the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age. The world is also populated by other players with which you may merge forces, form alliances, fight, or compete online.



SCUM is an open-world, story-driven survival game published by Devolver Digital. It draws inspiration from Rust but serves a valiant attempt to redefine the genre. Like Rust, SCUM includes farming and crafting items while scavenging for necessary resources. However, SCUM has improved upon many common denominators such as character customization and third-person shooter mechanics. For many, SCUM is an upgrade to Rust, making it a viable destination for players in need of something more.



ARK Survival Evolved is one of the earlier issues in the open-world survival genre to be comparable to Rust. It is ideal should players be looking to make a lateral move to a different game with Rust’s core concepts. ARK Survival Evolved’s gameplay and mechanics synonymous to that of Rust is that only in Ark Survival, there are dinosaurs. In the game, a player’s survival is dependent on how well they can coexist and survive with the towering prehistoric beasts and other players that roam.



In Stranded Deep, you assume the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. You do not know if help is on the way, how long it will take, or if you will last until then, but until then you must do all you can to survive. Like Rust, there is a constant threat of impending doom as you scavenge the land, making do with the resources at your disposal. You must craft bases for shelter, floating contraptions for navigation, and weapons to hunt for nourishment.



Don’t Starve Together can be referred to as the standalone multiplayer expansion of the uncompromising survival game, Don’t Starve. It is similar to Rust in that the gameplay occurs in an expansive open-world in which players must scavenge for resources and apply them effectively. In Don’t Starve Together, survival is dependent on how effective players are at sourcing said resources, coping with other players, and contending with the beasts that reside within the same environment.



The Forest is an open-world survival game that functions like Rust but with a unique backstory. In The Forest, you play as a survivor of a plane crash who is trying earnestly to survive in a forest where the odds are stacked against you. Gathering resources to craft items and sustain one’s self is difficult enough as is, but the forest is cursed and populated with cannibalistic mutants. Said ravenous cannibals show up at the most inopportune moments so a player must be quick to adapt if they are to last.



Minecraft is an open-world game that is a true testament of longevity as it has not only been around for a long time, but it has also been dominant. Many gamers who currently play Rust started out playing Minecraft in some capacity. The game functions differently, looks differently and focuses on different aspects in the genre, but the core concepts are the same. Minecraft can serve a good substitute for players who’d rather focus less on the combative side of things and more on crafting and building.



Subnautica falls within the same open-world survival genre as Rust, but in Subnautica the unfavourable predicament is self-inflicted and occurs under water. The game is all about exploration and Unknown Worlds Entertainment did wonders in creating an environment so beautiful and alluring that players are willing to risk their lives to see more of it. The deeper players venture into the depths of the subsurface unknowns, the rarer the resources found become, but aquatic perils become more prevalent.


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