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TDA Bowl by Allkeyshop

e-Tour de France: The first major cycling management event

To celebrate the Tour de France 2024 and the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2024, we decided to organize an event based around a sport and a licence that attracts a huge number of fans.
At the end of June, we decided to bring together 16 players to compete in a Tour de France. Each player will take on the role of team manager in one of the 22 teams that make up the peloton and will attempt to dominate la Grande Boucle and its opponents.

Find out all the details about the event below.

About the Allkeyshop eTour De France:

The event is a competition between 16 players (the maximum number of players allowed by the game’s servers), each of whom will manage a team for the entire Tour de France.
We will use the official race, as well as the official startlist carefully updated by WorldDB. This event will of course take place on PC, participation is free and over €100 in cash prizes will be shared.

The event will take place from 23 June over 4 days on the Allkeyshop Twitch channel.

Team selection :

We’ll be playing with the real 22 teams present at the Tour de France as well as the real startlist produced by WorldDB. A lottery will be made among the 16 players to define a Draft order. We will then proceed to the Draft.
It will be possible to select any of the teams still available except UAE and Visma. Teams not selected will be managed by the AI (6 teams).

If you are interested in taking part in events on Pro Cycling Manager, gaining experience and enjoy, don’t hesitate to join us on our Discord. We will be holding other competitions in other formats in future.
You can also join the IMA Discord, which already organizes many competitions for players of all levels.

The Racing :

We’ll be playing with classic conditions, with the AI at extreme level, there will be crashes and punctures, and the forms will be variable, although the organizers will retain control of the parameters to ensure that the event runs smoothly and avoids any bugs.

This eTour De France will be held over 4 race days, with an average of 5 stages each day. All the rules will be specified on the event Discord.

Points ranking

How are we going to rank the 16 managers who will be playing with teams of different levels? Very simply, there will be a maximum of 1,000 points to reach, and the manager with the most points will come first. There are two ways of obtaining points:

  • Achieving objectives: each manager will have objectives, set by the organization, adapted to his team. If they manage to achieve all their objectives, they will earn 400 points. Each objective may not be worth the same number of points, but the sum of the objectives will be equal to 400 points.
  • A performance score: For the occasion, a panel of judges will be set up to score the overall performance of the various managers on the tour. The jury scores will be averaged to determine the manager’s performance score. This score will correspond to a number of points between 0 and 600.

TDA Bowl by AllkeyshopTDA Bowl by Allkeyshop

CashPrize sharing

Every point will count, because given the format of the event, the cashprize will be shared out in an unusual way:

  • Firstly, in the classic way, the first 3 managers at the end of the event will be rewarded: 1st = 50€ 2nd = 30€ 3rd = 10€.
  • But also in an original way, as 2 draws will be held to determine the winners of 2 gift cards worth €25. For this draw, we will convert the number of points obtained by each manager into a percentage chance of winning on these draws (the first winner will be withdrawn from the second draw).

Given the many variables and random factors involved in this event, we’ve decided to give everyone a chance to win. It’s important for us to emphasise the fun and sharing aspect of this event while maintaining a competitive spirit. We’re here to celebrate cycling and enjoy!

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