Civilization 6 Rise and Fall Lets You Play an Aggressive India

28 December 2017 at 03:31 in Gaming News with 1 comment

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Civilization 6 Rise and Fall is proving to be huge, with 9 new leaders joining the fray and a ton of other features and enhancements. The latest reveal for the expansion is the alternative leader for the Indian Civilization — Chandragupta.

Civilization 6
Civilization 6 Rise and Fall


As the alternative to Ghandi, Chandragupta plays very differently compared to India’s classic leader. While Ghandi’s civilization thrives in times of peace, Chandragupta’s flourishes through aggression and expansion. Commanding his elephant-mounted army, he can declare a war of territorial expansion which boosts movement and combat power during the first few turns of battle. This allows you to muster an all out assault and overwhelm enemies early on.

Firaxis describes Chandragupta as a charismatic and clever man who learned under Chanakya, a political and economic pioneer in India. Chandragupta’s army overthrew the corrupt Nanda dynasty and went on to establish the Mauryan empire, extending his power all the way to modern-day Afghanistan.

Chandragupta is the fourth new leader to be revealed for Civilization 6’s first expansion. Ghengis Khan, Queen Seondeok and Queen Wilhelmina were confirmed at earlier dates. Expect Firaxis to tease and then reveal the next five leaders one by one to build up hype for the expansion’s 8 February release.


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