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Release date
18 February 2021
Official website
Action Adventure Zombies Horror Co-op Open World ... Third Person Fighting Shooter Third-Person Shooter Multiplayer Combat World War II Singleplayer Dark Gore Alternate History Violent PvE Sniper Demons

About this game

Zombie Army 4 Dead War takes you back to the 1940s when Europe is in the middle of a zombie Armageddon.

  • Play in its brand-new campaign with 3 other players, and face the wrath of zombies that are hungrier than before.
  • Experience the iconic Sniper Elite gunplay, and the return of the X-ray Kill Camera that lets you watch everything in slow motion. Fight with your all with its enhanced melee combat.
  • Rank up and build your slayer with its deep progression and customization features.
  • Fight multitudes of undead armed with weapons that you can upgrade into more badass ones.
  • Survive in the expanded Horde Mode that makes the map bigger the longer you survive.
  • There’s a lot more action to experience with additional seasons.


Infused with the jovial DNA of Strange Brigade, Rebellion’s canny combination of horror and absurdity is their best game yet and a grand example of how to add progression and scoring to a modern shooter.

Quarter to Three


Zombie Army 4 feels like an old friend you’re reconnecting with after a few years. Even though it’s similar to its predecessors, the game has been refined into something that holds greater mass appeal. Weapon upgrading, fresh enemy design, and a packed progression system give players a reason to keep coming back. The core gameplay loop is even better more when tackled in co-op, yielding some hilarious and action-packed adventures. Despite the good, the game’s core issues arise from a bland campaign that lacks the impressive set pieces and locations from the previous iterations.

Gaming Nexus


The name might be generic, and sure, the game is not exactly doing anything new for the genre as a whole, but Rebellion has made sure its series got the improvements it required – the level themes, great feeling gun combat, and plenty of content to beat – to take it to the next step to deliver something extremely fun and enjoyable to play, to the point where I feel the series has jumped up a notch from being good fun to a great bit of entertainment.



Contains the standard edition of Zombie Army 4 Dead War + Left4Dead, plus the Zombie Army 4: Left4Dead Character Pack which adds the following Left4Dead characters:

  • Bill
  • Francis
  • Louis
  • Zoey

Deluxe Edition

Contains Zombie Army 4 Dead War Standard Edition plus the following additional content:

  • CHARACTER PACK – Playable Character: Undead Airman
  • WEAPON SKIN PACK – Weapon Skins: Solid Gold
  • WEAPON BUNDLE – Weapon Bundle: FG-42 Semi-auto Rifle (Includes 1 Weapon, 2 Charms, 2 Bespoke Weapon Skins)
  • CHARACTER OUTFIT BUNDLE – Character Outfit: Undercover Karl (1 Costume, 2 Hats)

Super Deluxe Edition

Contains Zombie Army 4 Dead War Standard Edition, plus the following bonus content:

  • ZOMBIE ARMY 4: SEASON PASS 1, PLUS 3 ADDITIONAL LEVELS – New campaign missions for up to 4 players.
  • CHARACTER PACKS – 4 new playable characters in any of the game’s modes
  • WEAPON BUNDLES – 9 weapon bundles containing new weapons, charms, skins and more.
  • WEAPON SKIN PACKS – 5 Weapon Skin Packs that let you customize your weapons with effects.
  • CHARACTER OUTFIT BUNDLES – 4 bundles that allows you to dress up your characters with new outfits and hats.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 3.7GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • HDD: 50 GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1030

Zombie Army 4 Season Pass Two

Season Pass Two brings the following content:

  • 3 Campaign Missions: Damnation Valley, Alpine Blitz, Dead Zeppelin
  • 5 Character Skins: Zombie Gentleman Dress Uniform, Berserker Boris Outfit, Night Ops Jun Outfit, Armour Plated Shola Outfit, Afrika Karl Outfit
  • 19 Weapons and Skins: Lee Enfield Rifle Bundle, Occult Ritual Weapon Skins, Halloween Charm Pack, Halloween Headgear Pack, Holiday Season Charm Pack, Holiday Season Headgear, SVT-38 Rifle Bundle, Sten MK2 SMG Bundle, Toxic Hazard Weapon Skins, Buckets Headgear Pack, 7.65mm Polizeipistole Pistol Bundle, Nagant M1895 Pistol Bundle, Black Ice Weapon Skins, Grease Gun SMG Bundle, Armoured Giant Weapon Skins, M1903 Springfield Rifle Bundle, Classic Sports Headgear, Bomb Lance Shotgun Bundle, Desert Damaged Weapon Skins
  • 2 Horde Maps: Platform, Graveyard Shift
  • 4 Charm Packs: Halloween Charm Pack, Holiday Season Charm Pack, Horror Charm Pack, and Sports Charm Pack
  • 4 Headgear Bundles: Halloween Headgear, Holiday Season Headgear, Buckets Headgear Pack, Classic Sports Headgear

Zombie Army 4 Season Pass Three

Season Pass Three adds the following content:

  • New Campaign Missions: Terminal Error, Abaddon Asylum, Return to Hell
  • New Character Skins: Undercover Marie Outfit, WWI Josiah Outfit, Desert Rat Shola Outfit, Hermann Wolff Werner Outfit, WW2 Headgear Pack, Horror Headgear Pack, Occult Karl Outfit
  • New Weapons and Skins: Bandages Weapon Skins, M1934 Pistol Bundle, MP.1940 SMG Bundle, Zombie Tank Weapon Skins, Elemental Weapon Skins, Zombie Headgear Pack, WW2 Headgear Pack, Horror Headgear Pack, Flare Gun Weapon Bundle, Van Helsing Weapon Skins, MAB 38 SMG Bundle, Zombie Wrapped Weapon Skins, Blowtorch Weapon Bundle
  • New Charm Packs: Zombie Charm Pack, Horror Charm Pack 2, Story Charm Pack, Tarot Charm Pack
  • New Headgear Bundles: Zombie Headgear Pack, WW2 Headgear Pack, Horror Headgear Pack, Strange Brigade Headgear Pack

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