Monster Hunter Rise Becomes Massive Hit, Surpasses 15 Million Sales!

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Monster Hunter Rise Becomes Massive Hit, Surpasses 15 Million Sales!

Capcom has also held its financial report for 2024, with a certain interest related to the Monster Hunter franchise. In fact, in a separate report on 14th May 2024, Capcom declared that the franchise has surpassed 100 million copies sold worldwide for the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the series held in March. But that’s not all because Monster Hunter Rise and its expansion, Sunbreak, are at the center of the success, with peak sales for the series.

Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak – An Overwhelming Success

Monster Hunter Rise is a title from the famous Monster Hunter series that was primarily developed for the Nintendo Switch, released in 2021, and soon ported to PC in 2022, and finally to other platforms in 2023. A title in the series that stands out from World for a simpler and more colorful style, opposite to the realistic one of World. But in return, the game offers a main storyline that doesn’t entirely focus on exploration, and a colorful and charming cast of characters. But above all, the much lighter minimum requirements allow everyone to play with their preferred system, whether it is PC, Switch, Xbox One, or PS4, without any problem. Making it decidedly more versatile, especially for playing in co-op, a feature at the center since the series first entries.

And it’s no coincidence that in just 3 years, Monster Hunter Rise has sold 15 million copies, and the Sunbreak expansion, which adds a new game area and lots of new content, has sold 8 million copies. Figures that, combined with those of Monster Hunter World, bringing these two titles to cover almost half of the total series sales in the span of about 7. Quite Impressive given that the series has recently celebrated 20 years.

The Success with Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Wilds Soon to Arrive

Monster Hunter World itself, released in 2018, but with the Iceborne expansion in 2020, has reached around 25 million copies during its entire life cycle. Sales that have accompanied those of Rise as an alternative title for those who prefer a different gameplay style but still signed Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter World was one of the most important titles for Capcom, the first in the series to be released globally also on PC. For a series born on Sony consoles and found success on the PlayStation Portable, and later moved to Nintendo’s. But indeed, the choice to arrive also on PC marked the true worldwide success for the series.

Success and interest that certainly continues now that Capcom has announced the arrival of the new chapter: Monster Hunter Wilds. Expected for 2025, Wilds seems to offer a game in the style of World and designed for next-generation systems, but in return, it seems to combine some of the favorite aspects of World and Rise. Hoping to hear news about the new chapter of the series soon.


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