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It's a digital key that allows you to download Yaga directly to Playstation 4 from PSN (Playstation network).

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Release date
12 November 2019
Official website
Breadcrumbs Interactive
Versus Evil
Action RPG Hack and Slash Comedy Funny

About this game

Step into the shoes of the one-handed blacksmith named Ivan who is tasked to do whatever the tzar asks. Although that is the case, a mysterious witch named Baba Yaga is watching over him.

  • Offers a dark and funny action role-playing game.
  • Forge weapons and use them on the ancient monsters of Slavic folklore.
  • Use magic items, talismans, curses and perks to change Ivan’s playstyles.
  • Lot’s of ways to solve encounters, so many hidden secrets to uncover and multiple endings to experience.


Yaga is a wonderfully evocative action RPG set to a Slavic mythological theme and bafflingly catchy Balkan techno beats.

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There’s a lot to like about Yaga; intriguing world building, superb characterisation, conversational tactics and a clear passion for Slavic mythology all tick my ‘Yes’ boxes. But the uninspired combat, slow movement, ineffective forging and annoying bad luck mechanic. It’s an unsatisfying folktale then, the kind where the storyteller insists on coughing and saying ‘erm’ a lot, when all you want them to do it get on with it and get to the good bit.


Yaga Bad Luck Bundle

  • Yaga
  • Yaga Soundtrack

Yaga Soundtrack

The Yaga Soundtrack comes with hip-hop beats plus Romanian folk music from bands like Argatu’ and Subcarpați. There are 28 tracks all in all with about 3 hours playing time.

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There are 10 offers ranging from 11.69€ to 24.99€.

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