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Dead Island Spiele


What is the Dead Island series?

The Dead Island series comprises a total of 4 different games. In these games, a zombie virus initially breaks out on Banoi Island. You play as one of the few immune survivors, fighting through hordes of zombies either to protect yourself or to rescue other people.

Dead Island Games

There are a total of four Dead Island games. It all begins with Dead Island from 2011, followed by Dead Island: Riptide in 2013, Escape Dead Island in 2014, and finally Dead Island 2 from 2023.

The series starts with Dead Island, which was released on September 6, 2011. Developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, this game was initially scheduled for release in 2008 but was delayed to 2011 due to various development issues. The game was released for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The Definitive Edition was released on May 31, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Dead Island Games

Dead Island: Riptide is the second game in the series, released in 2013. The sequel to Dead Island was initially announced as Dead World in 2011. However, at E3 2012, Techland and Deep Silver announced that the sequel would be released under the name Riptide. This game was released on April 23, 2013, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Escape Dead Island is the third installment of the Dead Island series. This game, however, was not developed by Techland like the first two games but by the Swedish developer Fatshark. It was released on November 18, 2014, for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

The latest game in the Dead Island series is Dead Island 2. Developed by Dambuster Studios, it was released in 2023 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Initially, this game was exclusively available on Epic Games for PC for a year. However, now, after a year, it’s also available for purchase on Steam.

Story of Dead Island

The following section contains spoilers for all Dead Island games and their endings. So, if you want to experience the story of the games yourself, it’s best to skip the following section. Click here to skip to the next section.

Dead Island Games

At the beginning of the game, you can choose between four different characters, each with different abilities. You find yourself on the fictional island of Banoi in Papua New Guinea, where you are on vacation. Unfortunately, a zombie apocalypse breaks out on the island during your dream vacation. However, you sleep through the beginning of the apocalypse and wake up in your hotel room, although the entire hotel is already ravaged.

Fortunately, it seems that you are immune, so you can fight through the zombies without the danger of becoming one yourself. Along the way, you often encounter other survivors for whom you can undertake smaller quests and thus help them. You also find new companions with whom you continue to travel. In total, you are a group of four people.

Dead Island Games

Throughout your journey, you receive tips via radio from an unknown person. After you finish at the hotel beach, you head towards the next city. There, following the instructions of the unknown person, you board a boat and sail into the jungle. There is a research laboratory in the jungle where research is being conducted on an antivirus. With the help of the natives of Banoi, a serum against the virus can be produced. Unfortunately, shortly after, the laboratory is overrun by zombies. However, you manage to escape with the serum and go to the person who contacted you via radio.

It turns out that the person is Ryder White, who is trapped on a prison island. His wife is infected with the virus, so he needs the serum. However, Ryder wants to steal the serum and give the military the order to cleanse the entire island via atomic explosives. But you manage to stop him just before, after which he injects himself with the serum and turns into a zombie. Then, you must kill Ryder and escape with his helicopter. The island remains under military quarantine but is not destroyed.

Story of Dead Island: Riptide

Dead Island Riptide takes place immediately after Dead Island. After escaping from the prison island by helicopter, you land on a military ship where you are captured by the military. But unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for you, a zombie apocalypse also breaks out on the ship, and the whole fun begins anew.

Dead Island Games

However, on the ship are also Colonel Sam Hardy and the VIP Frank Serpo. At the beginning of the apocalypse, Serpo manages to escape from the ship via a helicopter.

Now you have to fight your way through a ship full of zombies. Eventually, you later end up on Palanai Island, where the apocalypse has already broken out. You are found by WHO researcher Harlow, who informs and guides you about the island’s situation.

On the island, you also meet the Colonel, who tells you that Serpo’s company wants to turn zombies into weapons. As a result, you decide to seek help from the military in the next city, Henderson. But since there are no boats or intact bridges, you have to go through tunnels to the other side of the river.

Dead Island Games

In the tunnels, you find chemical weapons that can turn people into zombies, so you first deal with clearing the tunnel to avoid endangering more people.

Upon reaching the military base, you contact Serpo, who informs you that Harlow is a terrorist who only wants to steal data and vaccines. When you find her, Harlow reports that the outbreaks were deliberately started to test the virus. Additionally, you learn that there is no vaccine. After that, Harlow injects herself with the serum and mutates into a zombie that you have to fight.

Then, when you find a boat, Serpo is there, openly admitting to organizing the outbreaks. However, he offers you medical assistance if you follow him. But you refuse and leave him on the island full of zombies, escaping the island with 5 other survivors.

Story of Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island sets itself apart from the characters of the first two games. The game begins two days before the zombie outbreak on Banoi Island. You play as “Kilo Two,” an undercover agent. Your task is to infiltrate a Geopharm facility on Narapela Island to eliminate a mole. However, you find the facility overrun by zombies. Despite the many zombies, you manage to eliminate the mole and secure the data he wanted to steal.

Dead Island Games

It turns out that Geopharm is the creator of the zombie virus and wanted to use it as part of a global conspiracy, the Palm Garden Order. The mole planned with the hacker Charon to expose the conspiracy. However, Charon’s plan is to destroy the organization with the virus itself.

Six months later, journalist Cliff Calo arrives on Narapela with some friends and wants to uncover the truth about Banoi. On the island, Cliff meets Xian Mei, who leads him to a secret laboratory to search for a cure. But, of course, none of this is easy. Many dangers come his way during his journey, and betrayal within the group also plays a significant role. Towards the end, Cliff has to fight against a mutated scientist.

Cliff experiences hallucinations, and his hallucinations merge with reality. He then desperately tries to cure the virus. The end of the game is somewhat ambiguous. Cliff sends a data storage device with his report and findings into the sea.

Story of Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 takes place about 15 years after the events of Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. The entire state of California is full of zombies and was declared a quarantine zone by the military a few months after the events in Dead Island. You are on a flight that crashes over California, near LA. At the beginning, you can choose between the 6 airplane passengers. After the crash, you try to save yourself and others. Unfortunately, you are bitten by a zombie in the process, and the others flee. However, despite the bite, you don’t fully transform into a zombie, so you head towards LA to find the other survivors.

Dead Island Games

You arrive at the house of actress Emma Jaunt, who was also on the plane. Her ex-boyfriend Sam B, who is immune, shows up there too. Then you realize that you must be immune to the virus as well. Together with the others, you head to the city’s next evacuation point, which unfortunately has already been overrun by zombies. At this location, you find a radio and make contact with Dr. Reuben Reed. He wants you to come to his lab in Santa Monica to develop an antidote using your antibodies.

You venture into the sewers to reach Santa Monica. There, you find thousands of zombie corpses merging into a mass and spreading under the city. Along the way, you encounter Lola Konradt’s group, which throws you into a pit full of zombies that you manage to defeat in your rage. Afterward, you reach Lola’s hideout and inform her that the military will only take her if she can prove her immunity. But for that, you need the testing equipment from the CDC headquarters.

After retrieving the testing equipment, you receive a mission to find Reed’s missing daughter. She was with a team of hackers working on mysterious encrypted data exchanged by the CDC. You find the daughter, but she needs more time to investigate the CDC. You make a deal that allows you to contact Konradt in exchange for more time.

Konradt gives you a clue about a secret lab where other immune individuals were sent. However, there you attack Tisha due to your new animal instincts. She can kill you, but you do not stay dead for long as Konradt revives you. You become a new kind of human called “Numen,” capable of assimilating the infection while retaining your sanity. You possess special strengths such as increased strength, speed, or the ability to go into a rage. Additionally, you also gain the ability to form a telepathic hive mind with other Numen.

Dead Island Games

Then you learn that Reed is not actually working on a cure and you decide to confront him. When you arrive at his old location, the Serling Hotel, you notice that he has already left. He is at a lab on Hollywood Boulevard and is responsible for the citywide outbreak of Numen.

Now, you want to steal Reed’s helicopter and escape the city. Unfortunately, Sam becomes wilder and increasingly harder to control as his immunity fades. Naturally, you want to save him. When you confront Reed, he reveals that the Numen are programmed to become simple zombies after some time. However, Reed has an antiserum, which he gives you to cure Sam. Tisha already has this serum in her and can thus reproduce it continuously. Unfortunately, this does not save Reed, as he becomes wild and you have to fight and kill him. Tisha, however, manages to escape.

With the serum, you fortunately manage to save Sam. Now, you decide to stay in the city to find Tisha and help others trapped in the city. Emma and Sam escape the city, leaving you behind to complete your mission.

Dead Island 2 DLCs

In its first year, Dead Island 2 released 2 story DLCs, 3 weapon DLCs, and 6 character packs. There is also an expansion pass that combines two story DLCs, a weapon DLC, and a character pack.

Dead Island Games

The first story DLC is called SoLA, which brings a huge music festival to LA. Of course, an outbreak occurs there too, and you face raving zombies. This DLC introduces two new enemy types: the Whipper and the Clotter, and the festival site as a new area with a new story.

The second story DLC is called Haus. It is not just a house but a mysterious villa in Malibu. A villa full of horror and dangers at every turn. In this DLC, you encounter a cult that you can join or destroy. It also includes three new weapons: the K-Rossbow, the Hog Roaster, and Dead Islands. Plus, there are 8 new skill cards.

Development of Game Mechanics

The first installment of the series was an open-world game with lots to explore and hordes of zombies to kill in various ways. The game used the Chrome Engine 5, enabling detailed injuries to zombies such as leg fractures and decapitations. This game was indexed in countries like Germany due to its brutality and was not available there until many years later when the Definitive Edition, which was less brutal, was released.

Dead Island Games

The direct sequel, Dead Island: Riptide, also used the same engine and incorporated this brutality into the game. There was no release planned in Germany for this game, anticipating the same issues. Thus, the game was not available there until several years later. The first two Dead Island games were first-person games.

The third installment, developed by a different studio, deviates slightly from the first two games. It no longer had a first-person mode, but was played from the third person. The art style also changed significantly, adopting a softer graphic style reminiscent of Borderlands.

Dead Island 2 returns to a first-person game. Here too, you can freely explore LA and take on many different small missions. The graphic style is now more realistic and therefore more brutal. You can bash zombies’ heads with blunt weapons or decapitate them with sharp ones, and much more.

Coop of Dead Island Games

In Dead Island games, one often travels in groups, and there is a reason for this: the coop mode. From the first installment, you could play with up to 4 people and explore the entire story together with friends. The same applies to Dead Island Riptide, which offers a 4-player online multiplayer.

Dead Island Games

Escape Dead Island, however, deviates again here. This game is not playable in coop. It is purely a single-player game.

The latest installment, Dead Island 2, again offers coop. Unfortunately, unlike the first two installments, it is only playable with up to 3 players.

What is coming in the future?

No official announcement has been made yet for Dead Island 3. However, following the huge success of Dead Island 2, it is very likely that work on a successor will begin. Additional story DLCs could also come to the game, adding new content.

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