Baldur’s Gate 3: Many Gamers won’t Play without this Secret Trick

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Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to be among the most played games at the moment, always in the top 20 most popular games on Steam. Testament to a game that truly cares about what gamers want, a unique experience also thanks to the amount of choices and options the game from Larian Studio is known for.

Baldur’s Gate 3 certainly isn’t lacking in bugs and issues, which often reflect on the game through exploits that make it easier to obtain gold, buy items more frequently, and acquire rare items.

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Merchant or Gold Inventory Trick

Some of the most popular exploits are linked to the figure of the merchant, who plays an important role in the game, especially in Honour mode given the more challenging difficulty. The merchant with these exploits becomes a sort of bank from which to withdraw items for free or even gold itself.

The most popular of these not only allowed to completely rob the merchant but also magically make him earn gold, useful for reselling items and accumulating gold. The trick mainly involved the Backpack, opening one during the trading screen, selecting the Merchant’s inventory inside and dragging it onto the Backpack, paying only the cost of the last item. While the merchant received money. Certainly, some classes have a positive influence, especially those with high Charisma, such as the Bard or the Paladin.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Larian’s Choice to Fix Some of These Exploits

Larian decided to patch this exploit, along with some variants, with Hotfix #23 released on 27th March 2024. A choice defended by many, but also criticized by others as the existence of these exploits in a non-PvP game with multiplayer only as co-op does not cause problems for anyone and are often a source or an important step for certain glitch in speedruns. In addition to the fact that fixing such exploits often steals time from the team that is unable to focus on bugs that damage the gaming experience.

Despite the fix, however, there are still many exploits that still see the beloved Merchants as protagonists. The latest one, in fact, amusingly involves the use of 2 Backpacks, where selling one to the merchant and adding all the items inside it. Opening our Backpack, we can drag the contents of the Merchant’s Backpack onto the ICON ABOVE our Backpack and we can grab the merchant’s inventory without paying anything. In short, the exploits related to stealing items and accumulating money will not end with the various Hotfixes, and in the end they do not harm any other player.


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