WoW SoD: What’s Next After Reaching Level 60?

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We are already in the middle of the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery: Phase 3, the project that revitalizes WoW Classic with new features and mechanics on a dedicated server, rediscovering the magic of a classic experience thanks to a level cap. A cap that equalizes the level difference between new players and veteran players. If Phase 3 brings a level cap to 50, many are already looking towards Phase 4. Speculating on possible content but also on the potential release date.

Season of Discovery – When is Phase 4 and the New Content Coming?

Phase 3 of Season of Discovery was released on 4th April 2024, just over a month ago. A Phase 3 that raised the character cap to level 50 and introduced, in addition to new runes and equipment to explore, also the 20-player Dungeon Raids. During the Phase 3 Preview, the devs themselves decided to showcase some potential Phase 4 content, as level 60 represents the endgame.

In this early Phase 4 Preview, the devs discuss the following features with a level cap of 60 in mind:

  • Weekly Reset for Raid Lockouts from level 50 onwards
  • Itemization for gear to be relevant for endgame
  • No Lockout for Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon, remaining a 10-player dungeon
  • Adjustments to Racial Bonuses and Weapon Skill: To avoid favoring a specific race, such as orcs, and to unlock Passive Skills that can be freely changed
  • Changes to Priest Racial Skills, allowing these passives to be unlocked with other races at level 60
  • A Revamp of items with level 60 in mind, as well as Off-Set Tiers for Raid Phases 1, 2, and 3.
  • Best in Slot options for Professions, and changing Profession will be easier

Regarding the potential release date of Season of Discovery Phase 4, many are considering the period of about 12 weeks between one Phase and another. Therefore, Phase 4 is expected to arrive towards the end of June, preceded by the first content of Cataclysm Classic, scheduled for 20th May 2024.

Preparing for WoW Classic: SoD Phase 4

Considering that SoD Phase 4 will arrive towards the end of June, it’s worth preparing in advance, waiting until the last days before the arrival of Cataclysm Classic. For this reason, it is advisable to level up all classes interested to level 50 and perhaps find the Best in Class for your Main, so you can try some of the Phase 4 Raids right from the start. Also, max out Professions such as Cooking and Fishing, which will help generate Gold faster, and also do some hoarding of valuable items to resell during Phase 4 for quick Gold.

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