Arena Breakout: Infinite – Intense Gameplay First Look

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Arena Breakout: Infinite - Intense Gameplay First Look

Surprise release on 8 May 2024, the team at Morefun Studios, along with IGN, dropped a 13-minute gameplay trailer showcasing the overall gameplay of their new installment in the Arena Breakout series. A tactical extraction FPS that seems poised to challenge the established Escape from Tarkov, as well as the newcomer Gray Zone Warfare. But not only did the team release the new trailer, they also opened registration for the Closed Beta.

Arena Breakout: Infinite – 13-Minute Gameplay Trailer

The beginning of the trailer allocates about 2 minutes for equipment preparation, where we can see the storage with a maximum of 500 units available and player statistics alongside backpack weight in kilograms. In the weapon section, we witness how the AK-74N can be customized with up to 18 components. The match then kicks off on the map Valley with a team of 3 players, and we almost immediately witness a skirmish.

Following that, we have looting sections and encounters within buildings. We get a showcase of various tactical gadgets such as thermal goggles, as well as reviving downed teammates and the use of smoke grenades. After looting around and losing a teammate, the duo heads to the extraction point aboard a helicopter. This requires 3 Dog Tags to activate a one-minute countdown before being able to escape.

What We Know About Arena Breakout: Infinite and How to Participate in the Closed Beta

Announced last month by Morefun Studios, in collaboration with IGN, Arena Breakout: Infinite is the new PC-exclusive chapter of the Arena Breakout series, originally born on mobile devices from the Shanghai team formed in 2010. A development team belonging to the giant conglomerate in the Chinese industry, Tencent. A name now globally recognized, and just like the giant’s usual approach to games, Arena Breakout: Infinite will indeed be a Free-to-Play game.

The team’s goal is to bring the Arena Breakout experience to mobile, with all the advantages of PC power and with new mechanics and improvements previously not possible on mobile. Offering a tactical extraction shooter with highly realistic graphics and audio, attracting a large number of Escape from Tarkov fans, especially after the recent DLC controversy. Morefun Studios promptly made keys available for the Closed Beta on various days until 22 May 2024, with the first two days seeing keys running out within a few hours. For those interested, it’s advisable to follow the game’s official Steam page to receive the latest news regarding Key Drops.


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