10 Best Games Like PUBG

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Top 10 Games Like PUBG


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Islands of Nyne Battle Royale is a battle royale game that was created by Define Human Studios and released in July of 2018. Being that it falls within the same genre, Islands of Nyne shares a lot of similarities with PUBG by default. They are also both first-person loot shooters. The sci-fi elements in Islands of Nyne is what sets the two apart the most as PUBG offers more of a generic yet hardcore shooter experience. Islands of Nyne Battle Royale is available through Steam for PC.



Rapture Rejects is a unique battle royale game that was published by tinyBuild back in 2018. More specifically, it is a top-down isometric last-man-standing game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. As a result, it has garnered a rather dedicated player-base that is magnetized by the action and hilarious gameplay. If you have been shopping around within the battle royale genre in search of an eccentric and funny game to play, Rapture Rejects might be the game for you.



Fractured Lands is similar to PUBG in many ways as both are battle royale shooters. Irrespective of the similarities, Unbroken Studios was able to create a solid game with its own identity. The developers achieved this by placing a lot more emphasis on vehicular play, so much so that your vehicle is basically your primary partner. In Fractured Lands, acquiring and managing fuel is paramount if you are to become the sole survivor. You can grab a copy of the game for PC through Steam.



Battlefield 5 has been one of the most celebrated titles in the gaming world for quite some time so it only makes sense that the battle royale derivative be reminiscent of arguably the best BR game that is PUBG. Battlefield 5’s 64-player BR mode is called Firestorm and it is set on a massive map that facilitates land, sea and aerial combat. It provides the expected BR experience whiles staying true to the gameplay that its dedicated player-base know an love.



Rules of Survival is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle royale game brought to us by NetEase Games. It is the first First 300-Player Battle Royale Game on Mobile and now it has been ported to PC. It is one of the many games to draw clear inspirations from PUBG considering it is a pioneer in the genre. Rules of Survival is no stranger to success as it has attracted over 230 million players worldwide. If you are a fan of PUBG mobile then you will likely be a fan of Rules of Survival as well.



Fortnite is currently not only the biggest BR game in the world but also the biggest game of this generation by a considerable margin. Whether or not it is better than PUBG is subjective, but there are enough similarities to warrant you giving both a shot. A large portion of Fotnite’s successes is due to the fact that its core concept is like that of the BR pioneer. However, most of its success is attributed to its constant evolution. Epic Games has proven to be fearless in releasing content and has worked tremendously.



Last Tide is a battle royale game where 100 players are deployed into an arena enclosed by a gradually constricting zone. From the preceding description, you may have gathered that Last Tide sounds exactly like PUBG but the contrary is true when both are carefully examined. In Last Tide, the gameplay occurs underwater and opposing players and the constricting zone are not the only hazards. The beautiful aquatic environment is laden with carnivorous ferocious Megalodons, Great Whites and more.



STAND OUT: VR Battle Royale is just as outstanding as the name suggests. This game offers a truly unique BR experience with its virtual reality integration. Since PubG’s inception, many games of that nature came to be; each with their spin on the genre. However, it can be argued that virtual reality is as immersive and captivating as battle royale games get. Raptor Lab’s efforts were rewarded with many positive reviews on Steam were the game is currently available for PC.



Dying Light: Bad Blood is a battle royale game unlike most others that focus on massive arenas filled with 50 plus players. Dying Light: Bad Blood instead, features up to 12 players. The said players are deployed into a zombie-infested area where they must compete to become the sole survivor. So it is just like the slogan says, “12 GO IN. 1 COMES OUT.” The smaller scale BR mode leaves little room for players to feel insignificant or overwhelmed by the lot while offering a uniquely fast-paced online BR experience.



Maelstrom is a massively multiplayer indie game that has been published and developed by Gunpowder Games. It is a strong candidate to consider for fans of battle royale games in particular as it offers a similar thrilling survivor experience. The game features fast-paced naval battles in a gloomy fantasy world of leviathans, warships and treasure. Grab a copy of the game on Steam to indulge in the ship-vs-ship-vs-monster multiplayer gameplay.


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