Xbox Game Pass – Measure of Growth is Player Activity

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It’s a time when gaming companies are fighting for users in a very competitive market, and Xbox believes that due their business is healthy, in large part to the Xbox Game Pass.

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In a recent podcast, Phil Spencer, vice-president of gaming at Microsoft, said that they judge Xbox by its active users and not by sales.

In the podcast above, Spencer says Microsoft looks to see if more people are playing on the platform and that “It’s not about review scores, it’s not about retail sales of consoles or retail sales of games.”

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He goes on to say that the “most important sign that our platform is healthy and growing is actual player activity on the platform – and that’s what’s happening with Xbox Game Pass.”

We can see this success if we look at the numbers. Back in January 2021, the Xbox Game Pass had hit 18 million active subscribers. In April, that number was 23 million.

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The Xbox Game Pass has seen incredible success and growth thanks to its price, exclusive games, day-one access to games, and EA Play and Disney+ partnerships.




The Xbox Game Pass is not a unique concept, as Sony, Epic Games, Ubisoft, and EA all have similar services.

In fact, in a recent post on Allkeyshop that you can read here, we explore why Epic’s free games do so well after the deal ends.

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Epic loses money by offering free games every week, but those free games have brought millions of new users to their platform, users that they would not have previously had.

The difference between all these other platforms is that Xbox is gaining active users who also spend money on monthly subscriptions.

The Xbox Game Pass will only grow from here, too, as they have just released the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, meaning you can take your console games anywhere on your phone and tablets.

Will there be a time when a platform surpasses Steam on PC? Probably not, but better competition, prices, and ways to play our favorite games can only benefit us gamers.




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